Sarcastic Clapping

{July 9, 2009}   We are family…allegedly…..

I have two sisters.  And I admit that we don’t talk all the time due to living in three different states.  But I do know the highlights.  If they’re dating someone…if they are moving….if they have taken up a new hobby….if they are going on a short trip. I basically know what is going on both their lives.

Now how is it possible that I can do that….and Lucky Spencer has two siblings (I still refuse to accept Ethan. DNA test results by text message my ass!)  who live in the same town as him, who see him somewhat frequently..and they know nothing about him.

Lulu asked her brother (off screen of course because apparently actually SEEING Lucky Spencer is just wrong.  Why it might send the message people A- know who he is, B- like him and C-he’s an important legacy character or something.  Lets not make it seem like the audience wants something other than the Trials of Michael.  God forbid I know!  ) to meet her at Jake’s for kareoke.  Now normally on the surface this does not seem like a bad idea. In fact it would seem like a fun family outing.  But let us take a closer look at the facts shall we? 

Fact one- Lucky is a recovering drug addict who as part of his recovery stopped drinking alcohol.  Which everyone knows because he told them.  And Lulu was one of the few people who visited him more than once to almost tell about Jason and Liz’s one night stand from hell…so it’s not like she’s unaware of what happened there.  Fact two – Jake’s is a bar.  Where they serve alcohol.  Again well known fact.  Who does this? 

Now maybe they have had a conversation where Lucky has said that it doesn’t bother him if people drink around him. Entirely possible.  Although how could I know this since the show doesn’t dare show us something related to LUCKY SPENCER.  Why that’s just crazy talk!

Also today Nik asked Elizabeth what was going on between her and his brother. Again on the surface a normal conversation.  However it came up in the context of discussing a most awkward kiss almost two months ago….and in a manner that seemed to indicate Nik didn’t have a clue.  When he’s seen BOTH of them multiple times since then…and in fact as mainly only seen his brother with Liz nearby. Now they maybe the world’s most amiable divorced couple….but seriously?  He would thought they would get back together during the hospital crisis can’t figure this one out?

Today just reinforced for me that really Lucky Spencer has the worst siblings in daytime.  Lulu has been inexplicably begging him to make nice with their so-called new brother because SHE likes the mumbler.  That their father wanted her to flirt with and the mumbler went along with this plan.  really?  Really?  That was forgivable behavior in this chick’s book?  She’s screeched at him she would forget him before she forgot Johnny Zaccarra…before breaking up with him months later.  And lets not forget her lying ot him for months about the Jason thing.  Nikolas barely registers Lucky exists on most days…even less if he stands a chance to get laid.  He randomly lectured Lucky on how Lucky liking Rebecca for Rebecca and not for being Emily’s clone was creepy.  This of course was while HE was stalkign her because she looked like Emily.  He knew for sure the longest that Lucky was on drugs and had access to a gun but did jack shit about it for months. And when it finally bordered on inconvient for him that Lucky was on drugs…he did two half-hearted interventions.  Sure he might have paid for Lucky’s rehab stay…but I could almost feel the eye roll on that one.  You could, and trust me I have, make the argument that Nik was a leading contributor TO his drug addiction…since the ridiculous Lucky cant’ earn any money storyline that led to him becoming obessed with being a hero and productive STARTED because Lucky took a bullet for NIK’S fiance. 

I can also tell you how both of Lucky’s addictions are Emily’s fault as well..but that’s another post.

If maybe I saw Lucky being a dick to his brother and sister, I could understand it.  But he isn’t.  He defends his sister when she does not deserve it at all.  He spent most of his time with Rebecca telling her that Nikolas wasn’t a creepy stalker.  He took responsiblity for Lulu getting pregnant and forgave her for her henious betrayal in backing Jason over him.  He’s risked his job more times to help Nik out than anyone.  And now the show feels the need to throw Ethan in the mix to rag on him for…well I’m not sure why exactly but I’m sure the show thinks theres a good reason.

Is it too late to reveal Lucky is Laura’s son with Scotty?  PLEASE??????

Leigh says:

Freaking agree. I’m not saying Lucky is a perfect brother, but he’s constantly aware of what’s going on in his siblings’ lives and concerned for them. He wanted to have a family dinner when Lulu broke up with her boyfriend. And Nik….well…I don’t think the writers care about Nik outside of the NEm-verse (as well they shouldn’t because he sucks)…but at least Lucky will come talk to Nik about Nik’s issues. Apparently Nik will talk to Liz about Lucky’s issues, only if they tangentially involve him. And Lulu is hell bent on forming a relationship between Lucky and a guy he does not like and does not want to have a relationship with….because she wants it. Oh, and she’s not above trying to manipulate him via his children or his significant other. Just amazing siblings. Not to mention the stellar father this guy has.

Lucky just needs to focus on Cam. Teaching Cam to swim will “wash away” all the bad taste of his other relatives. Nothing like being all naked in the sparkly, glistening water to….uhhh….yeah I forgot what I was going to say, but I’m sure you get the drift.

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