Sarcastic Clapping

{July 13, 2009}   My name is AdamPascalFan…and I’m a big fat hypocrite….

I am as hypocritcal as the next blogger..and i’ll admit it totally.

When I first heard about kareoke night, I rolled my eyes and groaned.  Then I heard Max and Diane were involved and I started in on ranting about how I didn’t give a crap about two recurring characters and the whole idea about recurring is they do not have continuing storylines and love lives…and if they DID have these things we didn’t see them at the expense of contract characters….and I just generally do not give a crap about anyone in Sonny’s never ending parade of ineffectual bodyguards (seriously..who HASN’T gotten past any of them? His guards are way worse than the way Guza writes the PCPD!)  And then I found out that it was supposed to be soo good for Spixie and move them into couple territory and end the courly love or whatever.  And I HATE Spinelli and Spixie individually with the fire  of  like a ZILLION suns…

So to say that I was NOT looking forward to this AT ALL is one of the top ten understatements of my life. I raged about this to anyone who would listen to me.

I am here to now wear my premature haters badge.  Oh dont’ get me wrong…I hate the parts I expected to hate.  (Seriously…since when are Maxie, Lulu and Rebecca are all bffs?  And really The Pussycat Dolls?  Woo way to show where you stand on positive images of women there GH!)  And the less said about the adventures of Spinelli and the magic microphone the better. 

However I will watch every single second of it….becuase I got my Lucky/Liz being all happy…cuddle bunny…squishable…and talking away in the background. Plus their discussing of that stupid Nik/Liz kiss confirms my theory about a Soapnet spoiler for the month…and it makes me smile. 

Hypocrite? Yup. Premature hating? You betcha.  But wallowing in my LL2 prettiness?  HELLS YES!

Kristin says:

I too rolled my eyes at the idea of karaoke, especially with it being run by Coleman at Jake’s. I must be the only one haunted by Elizabeth, or anyone on this stupid show, naming their child after a seedy hook-up bar, but that’s a different topic for another time. Lucky and Elizabeth were a nice addition to an otherwise useless episode, but Patrick and Robin redeemed my fluttering and ill-advised hope that the PPD storyline will not be resurrected, at least not for another few days. That’s enough for me.

Leigh says:

Eh, you’re not a hypocrite.
The way I see it, the sucky parts that you predicted would be sucky were still sucky. You were correct to predetermine the suckiness. If anything, you merely underestemated the awesome cuddly power of Liz and Lucky, and shame on you for that. No, really, it’s okay to underestimate that too, because we don’t get it very often, but luckily the background cam is our friend.

Beth: 1 GH: Eh…I was going to give them a zero, but we got cuddly Liz and Lucky, so 0.8

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