Sarcastic Clapping

{July 20, 2009}   Wake me when it’s over.

There are a few things in life that annoy me more than GH’s FCW.

I know it makes no sense.  Against my better judgment I do love the show.  Which means my current feelings are like a disappointed parent?  I adore MOST of the actors.  (I’m sure you can guess the ones I don’t….or if you don’t already know you’ll know soon)  But this weekend drives me nuts.

And its mainly online fandoms fault.

Look I’m a shipper I get it. I do.  You don’t randomly name yourself the Cheif Battle Planner of LL2 by not being fannish.  You don’t have a sworn enemy fandom if you aren’t fannish.  You don’t pray for death during certain scenes if you aren’t fannish.  And I am as fannish as the next person. And as someone who did drive her butt all the way down to Forida to attend SSW to see exact 4 people…2 of whom weren’t even doing autograph sessions…as someone who has sent in the 20 bucks to an actor’s fanclub…I totally appreciate the desire to see the pretty up close and personal and get say a hug.  And I know that the GH FCW is traditionally a LOT more fan specific than other FC luncheons and such.  So I do like that part. 

And i admit I always find the FCW Awards funny.  I am the first one to admit to dancing around my office when I found out that Sonny and Jason were completely and totally blanked out in all the awards last year. The first time I ever remember it happening.

However it’s the aftermath……that drives me nuts.

Let me take you all back to FCW 2006, a time not so affectionately known online as Summer of Sleaze.  Rumors had been flying about the most random of random sexual hook ups.  Rick Hearst and Kelly Monaco confirmed a rumored Sam/Ric hookup and Steve Burton and Becky Herbst admitted to a Jason/Liz ONS. 

And then it started…..don’t pretend you don’t know about the great fan board wars of 2006.  If you hate GH right now…you can completely and totally blame it on those right there.  The Quad from Hell that ate GH?  The result of FCW reactions.  Becky a year later admitted the first plan was for Jake to be Lucky’s…..the resulting crappy storyline that tanked Elizabeth Webber with a majority of the fans for the first time in her decade stay in Port Charles…which ended up being nothing more than a plot point and a piss poor explanation of how Jaysus Morgan is in secret pain and we all should feel sorry for him for not being able to give up a life he clearly loved?  Blame the FCW board wars.

Since that happened, spoilers leaking out of these things have been harder to come by.  We get vague things…or scenes that when they air you end up laughing that they were even called scenes to begin with.  But you know what’s going to happen right?  Every little slip is right we speak being anaylized to DEATH.  SoapDish is coming up with rumors, which of course completely contradict the rumors they have been spinning for weeks match these.  When soemone comes up wiht a doozy of rumor that starts taking over the internet (generally surrounding a fan favorite getting shit-canned) fake recaps show up. 

And this year it will be worse since the show is dark the upcoming two weeks for HD camera matience. 

All this is a rather long winded way of saying…I stayed off the internet this weekend in part for my mental health and in part because of working two jobs.   How am I doing?

Just wake me when a new rumor start up.  I’ll even take the old standby of Greg Vaughan is about to be fired or sent to recurring…..even though I’m sure that won’t show up for awhile since he smacked down the last batch on Twitter.    But at least that one is easy to dismiss and will eventually go away.

Leigh says:

Well, looks like we managed to get through FCW without really much in the way of rabid fanwars caused by spoilers. Nothing to look forward to, but nothing super vile. GH is happily entrenched in MEH.

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