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{August 6, 2009}   clearly he doesn’t watch the show the rest of us do….

Here I thought with the end of Jiz I would have nothing to blog about….silly me.  GH loves to give me rage-induced ulcers. They are giving like that.

To the shock most likely of only Bob Guza and the writers of GH….apparenlty the feedback on Nik/Liz has been NEGATIVE.  What a far out there idea….the fans don’t like a guy dicking over his brother because he can’t get with the indentical twin sister of his dead fiance.  I mean who would have thought.  Expect for logical people that is.  Clearly we are in the minority.  Yes I know it has some fans…I know them……and i still like them.  I’m just saying…this way? Yeah so not the way to do this storyline.

Then I find that Tyler Christopher posted this on his website.  Now as a rule I try not to bash actors. I understand they are paid to play certain storylines and have to justify certain ridiculous actions they know are contrary to show history and character integrity.  And i don’t expect them to know what is going on in all areas of the show.  But I do expect them to be accurate historians of their own character’s histories

the post….

Tyler from his board.

I’ve been getting quite a bit of negative reactions to this story both on and off this board. First, thats okay. Opinions negative or otherwise are always welcome. In the defense of how it’s being written I’ll say this: If every character were written with moral imperative it would become completely and utterly boring to watch. No matter how someone may seem everyone is flawed to some degree. Nikolas has walked the straight and narrow for far too long. He’s always put others first even at the sacrifice of his own happiness. It’s time for him to be a little selfish. I think he’s earned it. Is it wrong to “covet thy neighbors wife?” Of course it is. But have you ever been so attracted to someone that in the moment you suspended your values? ESPECIALLY when you add alcohol. Trust me this breech of ethics won’t be without consequence but that is where the drama lies. This is about an attraction so strong that they (Nikolas and Elizabeth) are willing to ignore the firestorm of repercusions that will inevitably follow.

Now first if you are fine with people having negative opinions, why are we defending a story? 

I agree characters need flaws. I am for it.  As much as I love love Lucky…I admit his tendency to be all closed mouth when he’s angry drives me batty.  But Nikolas has been on the “straight and narrow too long”?  He’s “put other people’s happiness before himself”?  I have one thing to say to that…


Let me see  Nik on the straight and narrow…there was that time he told the police Claudia confessed to him about her role in Michael’s shooting.  oh wait. And the time he admitted to being on the road when Sam was hit….no wait.  Oh he’s talking about when he allowed the police to capture Diego and have him tried in a court of law for his crimes…..hold on.  The time that he and Emily went to the cottage where she was raped and totally didn’t set it on fire…..oh no.  He’s referring to all the time he’s spent raising his son Spencer.  Yes he has a son.  I know…I was shocked to but he shows up on the bio page for Nik so it must be true. 

If Nik’s on the straight and narrow then I must be on the scenic route to hell. 

Now here on planet Logic…putting other people’s happiness first means sacrificing something or someone because it is better for someone or something else.  Let’s ask the people that Nik has sacrificed his happiness for shall we?  Gia? oh wait…she’s out of town and apparently never existed.  Zander?  Zander?  I’m sure he’d love to hear how Nik screwing his wife was sacrificing NIK’s happiness.  Jax I know I was just thrilled and totally didn’t lie about Spencer’s paternity for a few months there because he was so thankful Nik sacrificed his happiness for him.  I’m sure Lucky was thrilled that his brother didn’t think twice about not telling him his wife cheated on him but waited all of three nano-seconds before telling her Lucky was thinking about looking at another girl.  Why he’ll probably kissed Nik’s feet the entire time Nik hounded him about dating Rebecca and constantly tried to tempt Rebecca to sleep with him instead of his brother.  And Leslie was probably so thankful Nik dropped Spencer off at her house approximately three years ago so she wouldnt’ get lonely.  Oh I know….the prime example of when he patiently waited for Emily to process and recover from her rape by his idential yet not related double…understanding it was such a traumatic event for her and even if she claimed she was ready to be intimate she really wasn’t…….I remember the days and seconds of that sacrifice before he was chasing Courtney all over town.

Ladies and gentlemen…Nik Cassadine…the person the show tells constantly has Laura’s heart.  Lets hear some applause for his consistent living up to her standards shall we?  <crickets begin to crip>

Clearly…clearly Guza logic has infected the entire cast….because there ain’t nothing about that statement that even remotely approaches the truth.  No wonder they always act stunned when the logical reaction of the fans occur.  “The fans hate the notion that Luke cheated on Laura? WHAT?  They don’t see that Sonny being a domestic abuser and Kristina dating one is completely different? WHAT?  They think a brother hitting on the love of his other’s brother wife is wrong? WHAT?”

No wonder this show is doomed.  The Monavie has been drunk all over the set!

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