Sarcastic Clapping

{August 11, 2009}   Who thought this was suspenseful….and can we make them barrren?

I want to meet her.

I want to meet this person..this viewer that Brian Frons, Bob Guza and Jill Farren Phelps are convinced exists.  I want to meet her and prevent her from having children to pass on her stupidity genes. 

And you know exactly who I am talking about.  The viewer who keeps crying out “MORE MOB! MORE TREATING WOMEN LIKE CHATTEL! MORE SONNY AND JASON BEING THE HERO OF EVERYTHING!  GOD I LOVE IT SO!”

The one that was seriously concerned that Jason was not going to get out of his latest near-death crisis with Jerry. 

She has to exists because why would the show continue to write this and pimp this out as if any of this storyline is remotely suspenseful, exciting and/or anythign but laden with Guza-cliches.    Because at this point I am down to Guza knows who I am, has a personal vendetta against me and is writing this stuff just to tell me to suck it constantly. 

Then again this show does air on a network that just posted record low ratings that was only marginally saved because of the return of an old game show…so no wonder they think that repeating this storyline…which got old….oh I dont’ know…..maybe like ten years ago?  Wait is that why Guza is having Liz re-look at relationships from around the same time period……OH MY GOD IT IS!

Alright so that might be a little cray….but no more crazy than ABC thinking I was on the edge of my seat with concern that Jason may die or Sam might not get out of this in one piece.    Much like they made a big deal about Michael flat-lining during his last surgery…while showing a promo with him waking up…..suspense, much like plotting, logic and organic build-up to storylines, not GH’s strong point.

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