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{August 19, 2009}   Once again…I need to be more specific in my requests…

So back in 2005-2006, I started a little fan campaing.  I don’t why you are all acting surprised. I admitted to randomly naming myself Chief Battle Planner for LL2.  I had Greg Vaughan convinced for like two minutes I was stalking him and going through his trash at home.  (No really. I did.)  And I am writing a blog where I bitch about soaps. OF COURSE I have started/participated in a fan campaign or two.   Anyways, at the time the only storyline it seemed TIIC could come up with for LL2 was either being really pretty lamps in the ongoing boredom and skeeviness of Nik/Courtney. (I apologize now for the repressed memories that brought up) or Lucky ending up almost dying in the hopsital and then them not having ANY MONEY becaues apparenlty cops and nurses make one cent above the poverty line as far as Guza is concerned.  So some LL2/Lucky fans sent in band aids, begging for any story that did not center around the hospital and the insulting notion that cops and nurses made no money and had no idea how this thing called health insurance worked. That was all we asked for.

We got Summer of Sleaze and Pregnancy of Secret Pain instead. 

So you’d think we’d learn our lesson and just keep our mouths shut. Don’t ask for anything.  I know Scrubs fans asked for a baby and don’t we remember the “fun” of Robin’s baby rabies and Patrick’s pregnancy? Just keep your mouth shut.

Clearly we did not learn that lesson.

When the whole Ethan debacle started….even before it scaled its heights of ridiculous Lucky bashing…there were more than a few calls from the fans to actually mine LUCKY’S history for stories instead of creating random newbies no one cared about.  That Lucky had this great history that was just begging to be further explored and used to create storylines for him.  I even recall writing such a phrase myself in a letter to the magazines.  (Thankfully, they cut that part out.)

So what does Guza decide to do with said suggestion?  Have Lucky tell Toothy why his relationship with Luke sucks and why he doesn’t want to live his life like Luke? (I understand that Tony Geary is tired of playing the rape reveal over and over. Well he’s been on vacation. Why not use that time to do it now?  Have Toothy come to his own decision on how to deal with it? Or is that too much like planning or organic storytelling?)  Revisit Lucky’s computer skills and have him work with Dominante on taking down Sonny and Jason?  Give the boy a birthday?  (Seriously Lucky’s been a part of the canvas since like 1993…and I have no recollection of him EVER having a birthday party.  I know there is a clip out there of Robert gettign the phone call that Lucky arrived…..but if the boy celebrated a birthday on screen i’m blanking on it.  If he has…help a sister out here!) 

Oh no. Nothing like that.  Nothing that might respect the character and treat him with some dignity.

No…the history Guza has decided to mine is Lucky being a clueless idiot regardign another person’s interest in Elizabeth.  Yes because didn’t every Lucky fan love this back when we heard Lucky apologize/thank Jason every five seconds for BREATHING?  Now granted I know that Lucky is naturally not going to suspect his brother is being a big fat dickhead to him.  And he’ll excuse anything right now as Nik being Cassadine.  And yes I do realize that Nik going Cassadine is going to be the excuse Guza trots out when he gets bored with this (i.e. Tyler’s performance/Niz doesn’t bring home the press notice and awards he wants) and goes back to Lucky and Nik being all BFFs/brother again.  And yes I am fully aware that judging by the way Emily has been mentioned an upwards of 75 times in the past two weeks…that means most likely Rebecca IS Emily afterall and this was all just a Helena plot….but still.  NOT WHAT WE MEANT THERE GUZA!

Lucky Spencer being made to look like an idiot/fool for trusting people he loves got old about mid-way through the first time they did this.  Not to mention it pretty much helped tank Elizabeth in the eyes of many fans.  (Jason too there for awhile but Steve took his shirt off so well…..yeah I don’t understand Jason fans). Before anythign started there was already blowback landing on Tyler/Nik on his own board and beyond.  (I admit I find SoapZone’s tendancy to use “oh but he earned it” and “But in three months” as punchlines hysterical.  And the use of the Dikolas nickname. Kudos to you who thought of that!)  And yet given the spin they are desperately trying to give this (and you can’t tell me those words Becky and Tyler are saying didn’t first come directly from Guza’s mouth. It’s the only explanation for the WTF nature of the comments) I get the impression they expect us to root for Niz…or feel sorry for them……or find the fact that Nik spends 99% of his time talking about Rebecca and Emily before hitting on Liz hot or something……….or not to notice the spin and the situations are almost identical to Nik/Courtney. (Again…I AM SORRY FOR THE BAD MEMORIES!  PLEASE FORGIVE ME!)

Just who are they aiming this show for again?    Do they think Lucky Spencer is the random newbie character that no one cares about ?  Nik is the Spencerdine sibling who gets told he has Laura’s heart?  Huh?  When the fans ask for something, do they go out of their way to make it as painful, ridiculous and awful as all get out as a punishment to us for daring to question their allegedly great vision of the show and refusing to be “challegened” by their “new” directions?  (Can this direction really be considered new when they tried this in 1999 and no one bought it then?  I know it was Colton Scott in the role and not Tyler but that doesn’t mean we forgot all about it Guza….and Tyler.) 

I’ve noticed Guza’s irrational hatred of Lucky Spencer for years now…and initially I chalked up to the fact that Lucky was the character most viewers cited as to who SHOULD be the center/hero of the show instead of Jason and Sonny.  He had to write Lucky as marginal and Jason’s whipping boy so there would be no viable threat to the mob world order.  Especially when Guza tries to pit Jason against Lucky.  Clearly…as we have noted before here…only crazy women would want to wind up with a dog like Lucky Spencer.

Greg walking

Oh yeah…any excuse to show that picture.

But now I think it has to be personal.  There has to be some reason Guza is punishing Greg Vaughan.  He ran over Guza’s puppies.  He laughed during a meeting where Guza was explaining how Toxic Balls was going to be this great dramatic storyline.  Guza has hit on him for years and he recently told him that it was never going to happen and to stop it before he told the world about via a restraining order. 

Or my old standby of Guza is aware I exist and lives to crush my hopes and dreams. 

It’s the last one.  I know its the last one.

Charity says:

I think it is the last one, but not you alone. He’s out to get every viewer who is intelligent and witty and would like a quality soap to INDULGE in…. Instead we get to try to justify it with even more craziness, hold out for a hope that will never come, or just rant forever. *shakes head*

I really do NOT understand this world they run. I don’t get it. How do they all still have jobs? How have they not ALREADY killed GH? I do not know. And I mourn.

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