Sarcastic Clapping

{August 20, 2009}   Apparently I am a slow three year old….

Some one explain it to me. Please.

Ok so the show has recently been trying to say that Lucky and Elizabeth are just friends.  Co-parents. The fact that we saw them agree to date exclusively was an audience wide hallucination.  We know this by the confusing statement Liz has been giving Nik about her and Lucky just being friends and interviews where Lucky’s presence in her life is dismissed as being there “for the boys”.

Yet Nik and Liz can’t tell him anything about the ridiculous kisses they shared while Nik is obsessing over another girl (two of them actually)….during a time when Lucky thinks Nik is “going Cassadine” and would be likely to understand such an eggregious dicking over of by Nik and forgive it since he would beleive it was just because of Nik’s “grief over Emily”. No….we have to lie to him because it might hurt him. 


This logic didn’t make much sense when they trotted it out in regards to Jason.  It makes less sense now. If the show really wants us to think that Lucky and Liz are not really together…then there is no reason to lie to Lucky because it might hurt him.  None.  He might be a little miffed.  He might be shocked since this came out of nowhere.  But really…if the choice for Lucky is Liz is with his brother or Jason….and Nik is with the con artist or Liz….i’m thinking in the end Lucky might come around to it. 

Oh…i’m sorry I forgot….there is nothing better than brother versus brother conflict over one woman in Guza’s world.  And yes this is a classic soapy situation. (If one more person tries to explain this to me I will scream! That is NOT my objection to this storyline and I’m not ignorant to what a good soapy story is.  STOP WITH THAT EXPLANATION OR I WILL GO REAL MOB ON YOUR BEHIND!)    But all that being true requires good writing…that is organic and logical….not this crap that makes no sense….not only in terms of character history, character integrity or you know what we’ve seen on screen.  (Really?  Now the entire explanation for Nik/Rebecca is he was mourning Emily still?  I know Nadine disappeared into the elevator but what the hell was that then?) 

I really hate being made to feel like a slow three year old.

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