Sarcastic Clapping

{August 26, 2009}   Oh yeah this would never come up…

Let me preface this by saying this is not, despite my stated preferrence for LL2 yet another blog in the Jasam vs Jiz vein. Ok?  I like Jasam. I hated Jiz. I’ll never switch sides. I think if you couldnt’ figure out the ending of Jiz from like minute one you are blinder than a bat but that’s me.

I have no problem with Jason and Sam reuniting. None.  Got that?  Heck I dont’ care if Jason decides to become a Celine Dion impersonator and pursue his real true love Sonny.

Here’s my issue.

Ok so when Lucky and Liz started takling again after she finally broke up with Jason the Jason/Liz fans howled instant-reunion!  That was all I heard. Instant reunion! Total whitewash!  Now I don’t know what show they were watching but they claimed Lucky and  Liz had not had a serious conversation about their issues and what led to their breakup. when I remember quite clearly such a conversation happening when Lucky found out Sam watched Jake’s kidnapping.

Wasn’t that them talking about how she treats him like an addict always? 

Yet the internet hits them with instant reunion when that scene happened in Januray 2008.

Now Sam and Jason have been hitting the horizontal mambo here this week. And I don’t really care about that except for one thing….


I know the spin was Jason forgave her after the whole RUSSIANS kidnapping.  (apparenlty you can write a kidnapping that has no suspense and cause me to laugh at ridiculousness. Good to know!)  But really, i don’t care if Jason forgave her. I don’t even buy the argument that Jason would never be with someone who put his “child” (cause seriously…the boy has facial expressions and is awesome so therefore he’s Lucky’s.  I haven’t watched soaps for two decades to trust ONE DNA test.)  casue seriously, the dude still works for Sonny.  Which as we all remember is the reason for the DANGER.  So unless I slept through the part where Jason left the mob and is currenlty in witness protection while he is waiting to testify in the trial that will put Sonny away for life, dont’ even try that argument with me.   When did she forgive him?????? 

I get the fact he’s Jason…..he’s perfect….he’s so wonderful…he’s every girl dream and in our heart of hearts we all really want to be with him because who doesnt’ want a profesional killer am I right?  And maybe i’m crazy with this whole notion of if a guy says he’ll kill me that I find that a deal breaker.  Could be just me and my pesky brain working.  And I know that Jason is always always always right (except when he is epically epically wrong which is like all the time) so nothing he ever does requires forgiveness because in addition to being the world’s greatest mobster/savior of us all, he pees rainbows and saves puppies.  But Stone Cold did wrong. BIG time.  and all the cute bonding while Sam sits around in another ridiculous lingere inspired “undercover” outfit (really GH?  my aunt is a private eye. I know she doesnt’ walk around like that ….EVER) isn’t enough to make me overlook the fact that he threatened to kill her.  KILL her.  I beleive the phrasing was if she even breathed near Jake or looked at him. 

Of course these days I’m not convinced Jason remembers who Jake is so maybe that explains it.

But what nothing explains is why the complete glossing over of what led to Jasam bust up (the ridiculous notion that Sam was cheating on him with Ric when in fact….Jason had broken up with her repeatedly since April.  If you say “it’s over” to someone ninty zillion times from April to August and they sleep with Charlie Manson in August…It’s not cheating on you by any stretch of the imagination. You are single. Free as a bird) and THIS doesn’t get groans of instant reunion. oh sure they’ve talked and worked together since then….but come on people. Explain this to me. 

How is not discussing “hey remember that time you threatened to kill me muliple times? yeah that was bad form.”  acceptable?


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