Sarcastic Clapping

{September 8, 2009}   On the plus side this is once again Jason’s fault..

Oh for the love of Pete!

Can GH just pick ONE crappy storyline and stick with it?

First we have to contend with the STILL unexplained ickiness of Liz/Nik macking on each other whenever they come within five feet of each other.  On top of Nik’s STILL unexplained plan to destroy Rebecca by what…dating her?  I know most of his ex girlfriends do end up dead so maybe that is the only plan he can think of but really….THIS is Nik going “Cassadine”? THIS is what Tyler and Bob Guza are trumpeting CONSTANTLY about what a fabulous storyline this is?  I have seen better explained and plotted storylines on a very special episode of Saved By the Bell

But now….now because Jason sees Lucky acting like a father to Jake in public (GASP!) because apparenlty Lucky and Sonny actually think it’s perfectly normal to bring children to a carnival.  (Just me laughing at Nik’s reaction of horror at the thought of bringing Spencer to the carnival? It was like Liz asked him to dress Spencer like a normal five year old.)  So we get the patenented eye-rolling Jiz stop and stare routine.  Gosh with such subtile displays of secrecy it’s a wonder why half the town knows this “secret” of Jake’s paternity.  How the Russians and Anthony Zaccarah figured out enough to threaten Jake and Elizabeth constantly is just beyond me.  Totally is.  Way to keep things on the downlow there guys!

But because of said stop and stare routine…Jake runs off….as a two year old at a carnival is prone to do. Really folks its why some person invented child leashes.  Now let me remind you all that Jake has been kidnapped twice. Both times when Liz was distracted.  And both times eveyrone in town all but gave up the child for dead. (although the second time did give us the insanely amusing scenes of Jason blowing up a roadhouse THEN realizing Jake was in there, screaming for an 18 month old to crawl through fire to come to him…a total stranger.  I know Jason is the Savior of Us All but really you need to be at least three to realize something so heady)  The second kidnapping was sooo traumatic…so a reminder of the DANGER that Jason lives with every day it brough the joyous day when the lightbulb finally went off in Liz’s head that hey…this might not be the best environment to raise children in (oh I’m sorry …i’m supposed to find that tragic right? Must have skipped that dose of kool aid) .

And yet in order for us to have ALL the children (except Cam and Spencer who are apparently old enough to ride all the rides by themselves.  Apparenlty Spencer kept a dose of “Magic Teenager Syrup” in his pockets)  be in danger…cause god forbid Guza write something where he doesn’t try to kill a child just cause……NO ONE FREAKING NOTICES JAKE RUNNING OFF ????

I mean yes on the plus side this is yet another thing, like global warming, my ulcer, the entire existance of the Quad from Hell and the show from 2006-2008 that I can lay in full blame on the feet of Jason…but still……

Can Guza just pick ONE crappy insulting to Lucky at all times storyline and be done with it?

Charity says:

Two things which show the UTTER ineptness of this show:

1–Cameron’s absence from a FAMILY outing to a CARNIVAL!!! Was it even mentioned where he was?

2–A mother who lets her 2 year old wander ANY steps away from her in a CROWDED carnival. The fact that she didn’t IMMEDIATELY go after him. The fact that she took her eyes off him to look at Jason in…. apology, defiance, longing, something.

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