Sarcastic Clapping

{September 9, 2009}   I’m normal!!!

Apparently there is a NAME for what I have!

See I was getting worried that I can feel my stomach clench up and knot up and I get rage-related headaches when I see spoilers related to GH go up. I see certain actors yammering (one rhymes with Gony Feary) and even though I know…I know for CERTAIN I am going to hate hate hate what I read…..I do it anyway.  Sure there are rare times its worth it (like the SOD article that finally announced Jiz’s breakup…that one was glorious) but those are rare times indeed. 

it’s like i need to be mad and upset. I mean sure it makes for easier blogging and i’m 99% sure that hating something is a prerequisite for blogging when its about a soap and all but still I was worring about my mental health there.  Like I know I’m not going to like what Tony or Tyler or Bob or Brian or Jill is going to say. I know I will roll my eyes and complain to my way too considerate friends who at this point have to think “Get a life sweets!”

Then I got my monthly Glamour and I found out there is a name for this.  So apparently I am normal!  I mean if Glamour says so…it must be ok……

Apparently what I have is a hate crush….it is defined as such when you obsess about someone you loathe.  And that’s it! That is so it!  I have hate crushes!!!!!

I feel better now….ok so Glamour has it as a Don’t but that can change…and change quickly.  i’ll make it change.

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