Sarcastic Clapping

{September 16, 2009}   In the immortal words of Greg Vaughan…karma’s a bitch

You know Greg Vaughan is rapidly proving to be the master of Twitter.  Starting off with a bang by describing getting sick and falling in the shower (admit it…it took you a little bit of time to realize exactly what he was talking about after that image popped in your mind), then kicking butt and killing all rumors about his character being sent to recurring/him being fired by responding directly to the rumors…and now awesomely timing his return to Twitter after some pretty ASSISH spoilers/actions that has most ALL fans begging for him to be allowed to have a real reaction…with the following message…

It’s been a great day!! Closing down for the night. Good night! Luckys time will come in due time!!KARMA’S a bitch! That’s the way of life!

Dear Greg…I love you and never EVER stop tweeting. EVER.  Don’t listen to the haters. Keep on keeping on!

This totally means Lucky is getting more than the 30 seconds the show gave him before shoving him offscreen for weeks on end after he found out about Jake right?  It also means Lucky is going after his disloyal ass of a brother doesn’t it?

As you know I have had a suspicion that part of this storyline is to allow Lucky to really get to react to this type of betrayal that he wasnt’ allowed to before.  And also it is a way, granted stupid, character destroying and completely short-sighted, to get Lucky and Elizabeth to really deal with thier issues.  (Although why this instead of I don’t know couples therapy that Lucky is clearly willing to do is beyond me. )  I never said it was a good plan or the primary plan…but it does seem to be plan B. Plan my friend Talena said is clearly “Nik: Look at me I’m Dark and Evil!” 

So here how I would like it to go….which means I completely and totaly admit that this is the last way it will ever go because Guza lives to torment me and if I say I like it….well its a guarnatee it won’t happen.

but here is what will be way better than what we’ll get.

After Lucky finds out, he cuts Liz and Nik completely out of his life.  He screams at them both, throws a more than a few punches at Nik and tells them they desereve each other.  He storms off home, and refuses to talk to anyone. not Lulu who comes to plead Nik’s case (you know she will).  Not Luke. Not Ethan. Not Rebecca who is out looking to get revenge of her own.  (She can sleep with Sonny for all I care.)  Liz and Nik agree to give him some time to cool off and they’ll approach him later. He’s Lucky. He’ll understand. He’ll come around.  After all he’s not going to abandon the boys. THey’ll catch him the next time he comes to see the boys.

The day comes…a knock at Liz’s door…and surprise surprise….Lucky has sent Ethan over to get the boys.  Ethan has a message.  Lucky will not abandon his sons but he will not deal with Elizabeth or Nik.  If there is any decisions to make about the boys, Elizabeth is to contact Ethan, Ethan will contact Lucky.  Both are stunned.  Lucky’s never done this before. And he’s talking to Ethan? Trusting Ethan with his boys?  There’s no reason not to trust Ethan with the boys…Elizabeth can’t exactly argue this in front of the boys…she lets them go with Ethan.

When Lucky does surface around town, he awesomely ignores them both. Total cold shoulder.  When Elizabeth is around, he makes sure to flirt with females near him, especialy if Rebecca is nearby.  Elizabeth gets increasingly upset and jealous lemon face. Lucky has never been this cold to her, never gone this long without talking to her.  She tries to force a converstaion and he keeps it very short, reverting to calling her “Lizzie” like he used to when she annoyed him as a teenager.  Nik continues to go all allegedly dark…becoming more and more withdrawn as he realizes Elizabeth is more concerned about getting Lucky to at least talk to her for the boys sake if nothing else than giving him attention and his ohhhh so dark plan against Rebecca failed…….to the shock of no one.

The inevitable pregnancy happens.  Elizabeth is not going to tell Nik. He’s withdrawn, unreachable, he’s dark and she’s doing what she always does when a guy goes dark…running in the opposite direction. There is no way she’s going to be able to convince Lucky to take a paternity test. She’s stuck.  She confides in Robin who suggests they compare Jake’s DNA to the baby’s.  They would be able to tell if Jake and the baby have the same father.  Elizabeth doesn’t think it will work but can’t come up with a good idea on how to explain why this idea is full of holes, so she agrees to it, wondering how she’ll figure this one out when it shows the baby and Jake doesnt’ have the same father. 

The test comes back and Robin announces that the baby and Jake clearly have the same father. Lucky is the father.  Elizabeth reads the test in shock.  That would mean….Jake’s paternity test was wrong.  How is she going to tell Lucky? There is no way he’s going to beleive her about any of this. There’s no way she can ask Robin to tell him without explaining the entire debacle the last time this happened.  Elizabeth tries to tell Lucky the truth but he doesn’t beleive it….reminds her about the last time she told him she was pregnant and how that didn’t work out so well for him. 

because he’s now dark and evil….Nik joins forces with Helena and agrees to a plan to destory the Spencers.  Deciding to raise some ghosts…they decide to burn down Lucky’s house..reminding everyone of the bike fire from long ago.  Unknown to them, the night they set out to do their plan,  Lucky is off on a stakeout and Elizabeth is at the house with Cam and Jake…determined to make Lucky listen to her and for them to fight this out for once and for all.  When the fire starts, Elizabeth is knocked unconscious by a falling celing beam.  Ethan and Luke (cause Guza wouldn’t be able to resist) see the house burnign and race in.  They save Elizabeth and the boys. Mac contacts Lucky on stakeout to let him know what is going on.

At the hospital, Lucky races to check on the boys.  Making sure they are ok, Robin asks him to come out into the hallway where she fills him on Elizabeth’s condition and the condition of the baby. Lucky protests he doesn’t want to know, it’s not his problem. Robin says she doesn’t know the entire story, but she does know that Elizabeth and his baby are fighting for their lives.  She ran the test herself.  Lucky points out he never gave any DNA for a paternity test. Robin says true…but she compared it to Jake’s…Jake and the baby share the same father. 

Discovering that his plan put Elizabeth and the boys in harm’s way, Nik is horrified. What would Emily think?  He swears off ties with Helena and leaves town.

come on…it’s way better than what we are probably getting….

Charity says:

You are crazy…and I love you. That’s a pretty detailed and long term plot you’ve got going on. The only hole I see is this : When Robin tells him that the new baby and Jake have the same father HE will assume Liz lied again and slept with Jason AGAIN. Crazy! Awful….

Also, I saw a screencap of the abomination over at SD and my first thought was “You had sex on that couch with Lucky!” Sick.

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