Sarcastic Clapping

{September 21, 2009}   The one in which I shock you!

Hold the phone…I have late breaking shocking news to tell you all.

The writing staff at General Hospital does indeed include WOMEN! I know…I didn’t beleive it at first but its true.    Appraently my long held belief that the names of Elizabeth Korte, Michelle Val Jean, Karen Harris, Mary Sue Price and Meg Bennett were just psuedomns to allow Bob Guza to write more often was incorrect!  Apparenlty there are women who take part in the direction of a show that is aimed at women.

Which begs the question….do these women hate themselves?  Or is what they are writing radically altered once it leaves their hands and makes it way to the actors?  Because I am at a loss.

Let’s take one particular story example here…

Elizabeth has become so overnight enamored of Nikolas that she is jealous of the fact he is having a seemingly intimate moment with Rebecca, who she knows he is only dating as part of his bizarro revenge-by-dumping scheme. 

What woman….would be jealous…of a relationship that she knows is a sham on the part of one of the people?  A sham that she has stated she doesn’t like and will end up hurting a long time friend in the end?   A woman who even though she doesn’t like Rebecca and hasn’t been shy about that, has still urged Nik to not use her because it will be bad for Nik? 

Who the hell is jealous of this?  Maybe I’m not wired correctly as a female but if I was stupid enough to get myself into such a clustersuck of a situation, my first reaction is to run the hell away, check into a mental institution and figure out what the hell is wrong with me.  Barring that, I would also stay far far away from the jackoff who is actively and unrepentately running a scam on a person because she failed to con money out of him.   That’s right folks…Rebecca’s entire plan failed.  Nik’s reason for revenge is what again exactly?

A man writing this I get.  I mean see any male penned movie that involves a sleepover to see proof of some male members complete lack of understanding on how the female mind actually works.   But there are women on this staff.  Did not one of them go “Yo, Bob…hold up here.  I’m not understanding this at all.”

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