Sarcastic Clapping

{September 22, 2009}   Therapy…I need therapy…

High on the list of things that I never EVER wanted to have happen to me…two things top my list.

1- Agreeing with Jason in any way shape or form.

2- Liking and actually finding Ethan to make sense.

In the past three weeks..I have done both with increasingly regularity.

I…don’t……to process…..brain…shutting down….

To be fair I didn’t completely agree with Jason’s assessment of the Niz debacle.  The idea that Lucky, who didn’t walk away from Cam or Jake when the whole “Hey remember when I told you you were Jake’s father? Yeah taht was a big crock of crap and he’s Jason’s son.  Ps…I was also emotionally cheating on you with Jason the entire length of our marriage but god you are evil for getting over it” thing blew would walk away from the boys over that thing I am refusing to remember right now is entirely laughable.  Maybe it’s just me but I see that as a bigger reason to walk than anything don’t you?  But the look of complete WTF on Jason’s face has mirrored my own for weeks on end.

And then Ethan started being snarky to Nik. Dang it…why must he be snarky to the character on the show that is dead to me?  I don’t want to like Ethan! And then he started makign sense….and telling Nik where to get off.  And pointing out the obvious that Nik is beyond the bend and needs help before he hurts someone! And I found myself hoping that Ehtan would punch Nik out of that “fierce” family loyalty Nik was so errounously prattling about.  (Just me who’s eyes rolled so far back in their head they got stuck and simulataneously vomited when Nik was going on about how he and Lucky shared that trait with Laura? OMG YOU HYPOCRITICAL HEAD UP YOUR ASS MORON! JUST SHUT THE HELL UP!)  Then  I realized that Ethan was actually more loyal to Lucky than Nik.  Yes he’s loyal to the awful notion that Lucky is a traitor to mankind by being a cop but at least he’s upfront and consistent about it. It’s nice to count on something!

Was the entire point of the Nik/Liz nastiness just to get me to ease up on the Ethan/Jason hatred? Clearly its also to make Rebecca look good. (yeah Guza..what a shock I figured that one out!) But is this part of it too?  If so…well played GH…well played.

Hillary says:

I don’t know if Ethan will ever be completely redeemable to me: the ugly hair, the teeth, the smarminess, the fact that his very existence desecrated Luke and Laura and all the good things they represented… these things make me loathe him, and for the most part I still do. But Nikolas is being completely whack and ridiculous and hurtful, and Ethan as the voice of reason is most definitely troubling. Nikolas’ idea of “fierce loyalty” is completely screwed if he thinks loyalty includes screwing the love of your brother’s life. Laura should never have been brought into this hot mess, and I can’t believe Nikolas went there. He hasn’t shown one iota of guilt for what he’s done to Lucky, and that’s really killing the character of Nikolas for me.

As far as Rebecca is concerned, I am a huge NL fan, so she’s never needed to “look good” in my eyes per se. I really haven’t had a problem with Rebecca. Sure, her initial motivations were less than stellar, but at the end of the day, what did she really do? She certainly didn’t con Nikolas out of any money, or the Quartermaines, for that matter. As far as her relationship with Ethan, she was pretty much repulsed by him in every scene they had together. She didn’t try to pass herself off as Emily – in fact, she was rather adamant that she was nothing like her. The only thing she did was pretend that she didn’t know Emily was her twin and fall in love with Nikolas – she didn’t con him out of anything. Theoretically, I can see why Nikolas would be hurt (although her feelings were genuine, so it’s not like she conned him into having feelings for her), but his idea of revenge… quite honestly, sucks. It makes zero sense, and Nik is going to end up looking like an idiot because of it.

Bottom line: I hate this effing show.

adampascalfan says:

Now to be fair…Ethan will never be redeemed to me. Trust me everytime I find myself nodding in agreement with something he says, I immediately start praying for him to pick a ridiculous fight with Lucky or for Luke to show up and start flirting with him again so I can feel normal.

You are right that Rebecca didn’t actually do anything. Which makes Nik’s insistance on revenge even more stupid. Yes he can feel stupid but dude was warned this could happen. Multiple times. By multiple people. She’s not a bad girl like Guza wanted us to initally beleive and the reception to her character is certainly well below the standards it seems Guza has set for her.

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