Sarcastic Clapping

{October 13, 2009}   That’s about as surprising as the sun rising in the east…

There are few things in life I enjoy more than seeing an evil entity that I hate get egg on their face in an epic way.  Ususally I am forced to watch fictionally characters do this…but every now and then…it’s a real person.

Like right now..I am 100% enjoying watching ABC Daytime desperately try to spin Lucky-gate to their advantage.

First they released the press release saying Greg had decided to move on and Jonathan was returning.  Too darn bad Greg had beat them to it with his Tweet by about ten minutes that clearly indicated he was fired.  It was still possible ABC could have spun it that Greg’s words were the words of an actor trying to save face….then his co-stars pretty much responded in a manner that indicated they were not expecting this in any way.  Which helped everyone decide fired was the correct story. 

In a classic show of stupidity….GH had decided to fire Greg the same week he had several planned events that he didn’t cancel.  Not to mention pre-taped TV apperance on the New Newlywed Game with his wife.   So clearly he wasn’t going to quietly slink off and never be heard from again like say Jenny Branford or Colton Scott/Steven Martinez.   So people were going to be able to talk to him directly.

Then they try to say that Greg came up with the original spin no one bought and he backstabbed them by changing his mind to a decision they all agreed to.  Yeah, cause I totally think that ABC Daytime held him in such high regard that they would go with a plan he came up with to cover up THEY FIRED HIM. If they thought so highly of him…wouldnt’ they have …I don’t know…NOT FIRED HIM FOR A RATINGS STUNT? 

Of course shortly after that…one of Greg’s good friends on set, Jason Thompson had his own event.  Where he said he didn’t know Greg was gone until he went to talk to Jill about his own contract.  That Jill had assumed he had come to talk to her about Greg.  You know call me crazy here…but if it was Greg’s decision…wouldn’t his friends on the set hear about it from him and not Jill?  Or his Twitter account?  I’m just saying…maybe I have a strange idea of friendship. You tell me.

Now Jonathan Jackson is saying ABC called him out of the blue claiming Greg was moving on.  So they lied to him as well. 

Isnt’ that a shocker?

Yeah…not to me either.

Come on ABC…lets see what insanity you come up with now! It’s the best fun on the internet in ages!

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