Sarcastic Clapping

{October 14, 2009}   Goin out to Cali…Cali…Cali…

With next week being Greg Vaughan’s last week…and Niz insanity once again leap-frogging into the forefront because clearly the only thing they could think to do while Greg played the role was to stick him in a triangle…..and well the danger that is Joey Limbo.  (Are they seriously running out of good mobster names? JOEY LIMBO?  It soulnds like the entertainment director of a cruise!) …well i will have a lot to say..

But you’ll have to wait…as I am going on a little trip to Californina. 

No you don’t have to warn Greg I’m coming.  I’m not even going to be in the LA area….ok a couple of hours outside of it but that’s it.  And it’s not to see him (although I totally wouldn’t object you understand) but to see my sister. 

But rest assured oh dear reader of mine…I will be back!

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