Sarcastic Clapping

{November 3, 2009}   Stop..just stop!

Dear Fanfiction Author-

I know there is a lot of show out there to screech and blog about.  I could and have fill a book with screeds on how this show isn’t ACTUALLY getting better…it’s just Guza sweeps writing….and I will…but I have to say this to you…you my fellow fanfiction writer…


Just stop it. Stop it now.  The world does not need another one of these stories.  Ok?  I get that it’s easy. I get that it’s fun.  It’s also the most cliched over done fanfiction storyline there is. And nine times out of ten IT SUCKS. 

If the muse sparks an idea of placing your favorite characters all in the same high school class…..back away from the computer and shut it down.

Leigh says:

Clearly I am just going through the backlogs of your blog, because I was a bad blog reader in November, but I’ve waited for the point where you snap over fan fiction for quite some time.

You mean it’s not everyone’s dream to see their favorite show remade into some sort of stereotypical CW teen drama with all of the awesome 2d teen character cliches like, “the jock”, “the nerdy loser kid that the jock secretly likes because you’ve just read Twilight and it really speaks to you”, the bully or meangirl character you don’t like, etc. Such creativity!

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