Sarcastic Clapping

{November 4, 2009}   Can’t they watch Law & Order?

What the hell?

I just….don’t….what?

Ok so when Jason kills and Sonny orders a killing, its in “self-defense” and it’s to “protect the family”.

Yet when Michael…kills Claudia, who kidnapped his mother in front of half the town, who was just outed as the person responsible for his getting shot in the head, who he just walked on trying to kidnap his baby sister….which to  my mind is mitigating circumstances and pretty much gaurantee Michael would get off basically scott free in a jury trial…we have to cover it up….

I mean heaven forbid Michael actually has to face his consequence…I know the horror there! 

This is the same show that had Logan murdered in a fashion that was so blatantly self-defense that it was practically written in magic marker on the back of the set.  Yet whenever anyone else who isn’t Jason commits a justified homicide….we have to cover it up.  Elizabeth’s shooting of the RUSSIAN is the exception rather than the rule and I’m not convinced that wasn’t allowed because it was to protect Jason’s son.  (Upcoming poll…how long till Guza reverses that?  I say…February tops) 

Does this show realize self defense is allowed to be used by people other than Jason and Sonny?

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