Sarcastic Clapping

{November 16, 2009}   And my brain breaks..finally…and forever…

As I have said before…this show should not confuse me as much as it does.  When GH does confuse me I feel like I am loosing a game of Tic Tac Toe to the showrunner from Alf who thought the puppet was real. 

Yet it seems that is GH’s aim these days…to make me feel about as bright as a two dollar coin. 

First Nikolas claimed that Luke had betrayed his own best friend Scotty by raping Laura.  I think  a large chunk of my brain fell off and died right then.  I thought Big Bird was real and my mom didn’t watch GH at that time and even I am clear on the fact Luke and Scotty could in no way shape or form be considered friends. Not even in the ever so crafty Guza-approved dictonary.  Furthermore really Nikolas? You get called on your serial wife poaching ways and THAT is the argument you want to go with?  Shut up, die and prepare for your role as Jon Gosslin in the inevitable made for TV movie…



I’m just saying…

And now Jason quits the mob…out of concern for what his example has set for Michael.  MICHAEL.  Not the son we saw him mope and whine and be in secret pain about for roughly two freaking years on this show….the son who he’s seemingly has completely forgotten since the Russians kidnapping.    Now that’s confusing enough…but not as much as how clearly the show wants us to see this as a noble and heroic choice.

Noble and heroic….stopping mass murder for profit.

On what planet? Besides Planet Guza that is?

Just…just…ok like I even more a moment remotely suspect Jason will actually stop being a hitman.  I mean clearly, according to the massive hyping ABC is doing about James Franco’s run, Jason’s going to be the only one to save the world from the evil and manaical hitman who isn’t Jason…..and he’ll probably have to KILL him before the whole storyline is over.    Didn’t Sonny just try this….and didn’t he spend more time telling Jason how to run the mob than being out of it?  February is totally going to be all about how Jason HAS to come back to save the world right?

Also…really? It’s easier to leave the MOB than it is to quit a job at McDonald’s?  This idea didn’t occur to Jason during say…the interminable discussions of how he couldn’t be with Liz and Jake because of the DANGER?  Or during the Jason’s choice of being an FBI informant? 

God this show is so broken.

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