Sarcastic Clapping

{November 19, 2009}   Was that it?

No seriously? That was it?

Nikolas’s dark dark twist Cassadine plan for Rebecca….for failing to con him mind you…..was…..

To date and dump her?

I know I’m not smart like Nik is and can enlighten the entire world on the true state of Luke and Scotty’s relationshp and all….but really? Isn’t that called dating someone? Seeing if you like them?

Does he get all his “dark twist ideas” from very special episodes of Saved by the Bell….or repeated viewings of “She’s All That”?

I know he is the lamest and least of the Cassadines…..Spencer clearly showed some smarts and is now clearly living on his own in well furnished apartment with his own staff of 12…….but am I missing something? Like what’s so darn dark and twisted about this?

Which all his cackling and crowing about how he was going to destroy her…I was expecting something…I don’t know…actually scary.

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