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{November 25, 2009}   Oh now it’s fine….sure! The last ten years were just my imagination!

This entire reaction may just be due to PMS. So take it with a tub of chocolate chip cookie dough, a handful of Midol and a nice big margarita by yourside.

I am so freaking sick and tired of hearing about how much more wonderful Lucky Spencer is since the end of October…and seeing THIS verision of Lucky get credit for things other Luckys (and fans who accepted another actor in the role years ago) did!

Lucky is now getting all this praise for being a smart, edgy detective…ok I just hallucinated the parts of the show where Lucky solved several cases….figured out what was going on….and risked his career to save his family.  You know like when he arrested Diego as the campus stalker.  Or Jason for being Alcazar’s murderer.  Like when he figured out something was fishy with the story Jason gave him regarding Sam’s hit and run.  Or he was suspended to save Nikolas from being framed for Helena’s murder. 

Yet apparenlty because Jonathan Jackson wasn’t playing Lucky…that stuff didn’t count.

The only difference is now the show is more willing to allow Lucky to appear to be those things.  You know why Lucky was denied respect for those arrests and actions? Because at the time…it was all written to show that the PCPD were incompetent morons who only did things to show their complete jealousy over not being cool like the mob.  They were berrated for making arrests for crimes we saw them do!  And things like arresting a career criminal for breaking bail was written as not the reaction of a cop…but the jealous reaction of a husband who had no clue there was anything to be jealous about.

And now it’s cool for Lucky to be a cop with some fans beacuse of the explanation Lucky gave Sonny of all people? First off…I and many other Lucky fans figured out why Lucky was a cop years ago.  Years.  And to my shock…I found that the reasons I came up with were exactly the freaking same as the ones Lucky rattled off.  And I figured all this out by….knowing Lucky’s history.  Yeah I admit using Summer as the springboard into beign a cop was lame….no argument there.  But really…Lucky was raised to be a protector and he was always a boy scout.  ALWAYS.  How many computer hackers you know hack into the school records to find out background information about a teacher and don’t change grades or schedules?  Remember how when he ran away and was living on Liz’s floor, the PCPD would groan about how the had no legal room to make Lucky go home or force Luke to actually be a father because Lucky was still going to school.  He ran away and still went to school.  Even I, at the height of my LL2/Lucky fan mania rolled my eyes at that one.  Protector, boy scout, swore off the life his father had planned for him the second he found out about Laura’s rape…..gosh it’s not that big of a leap that a natrual born protector would become a cop.  Hells bells I say this as a career option 12 years ago…with Jonathan playing the part. 

For all the talk about Lucky finally realizing something is up with Liz…ummm remember the proposal? As badly timed as it was…he gave her like 90 outs during it to turn him down with a  no harm, no foul attitude.  (I am fully amused to see Lucky’s bad proposalitis is still going strong!) 

Do I recognize the unholy Niz storyline has morphed from “poor will he climb out of this destructive stretch” to “Poor Lucky…how will everyone get back in his good graces”? YEs.  Do I recognize that the show has given lucky more airtime and is more willing to give him a POV now? Yes.

But all it does for me is confirm that GH has blatant favorites among the cast and will only write for those actors and no one else.  For me it is not so much a credit to the actor…as a credit to the assholish, unprofessional way the showrunners choose to run their show as an old boys club rather than a true ensemble drama.

Leigh says:

Amen. Especially that last bit about the blatant favoritism. That’s what put the nail in the coffin for me. The actor change didn’t make anything better so much as it was just another symptom about why everything on this show sucks, and will continue to suck.

Difficult Diva says:

I agree with you. It’s just blatent favoritism on TPTB’s part on how crappy they treated the character of Lucky Spencer, when he was being portrayed by Greg Vaughn. People talk about how “outsiders” negatively view soaps, the actors involved in it and the loyal viewers that will accept almost anything, as long as they’re being entertained. Some of those same folks are pissed as hell, that the mainstream media has just been thrown in a tizzy over James Franco actively agreeing to “subject himself” in being on a soap. Yes, I can understand the anger over the mocking and scorn being shown, but it does have SOME basis in truth.

At times, I also feel that some of the scorn comes directly from TPTB in charge of these shows. Some folks don’t want to think that way with the argument of “why would they do that”, but look at what TPTB in charge have done in the past 15 years? They want to blame the slow death of the soaps on woman going back to the workplace, low attention spans of viewers, older viewers dying off and the old standby of the OJ Simpson trial.

IMO, no other form of entertainment industry (including the theatre) would ever consciously think of firing an actor, who’s been ready, willing and able to do what they’ve been contractly paid to do for 7 years, because the actor who originated the role was without a paying gig at the moment and he was NOW ready to come back AFTER 10 years of trying to make it in “the big leagues”. If Greg V. was so damn horrible in the role for so long, they should have fired him, when they couldn’t be inspired to create and write for the character of Lucky for those years. Nope, TPTB didn’t want to lose those viewers who grew to love that actor and JJ wasn’t looking to come back at that point.

It’s just a big load of BS and that’s why I’m annoyed with the entire situation. Sorry for the long response, but I’m just tired of the BS and blame which continues to be directed towards the viewing audience.

tana says:

speak it!

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