Sarcastic Clapping

{November 25, 2009}   Things I am thankful for – the GH edition

I suspect this will be a short list.

1- Mac/Alexis…and the possibilty that they will quite teasing me with their potential awesomeness and let them BE AWESOME

2- No Niz this week.  Oh thank you Jesus…you heard my prayers!

3- The inital mainstream reaction to James Franco is sureal disbelief regarding the show on a whole.  Every time a blogger asks “So where’s the actual hospital in this show?” an angel gets her wings.

4- I have successfully avoided being assaulted by obnoxious promos from hell ALL MONTH! Hooray!

Wow..four…that’s more than I thought.

Leigh says:

Aww…The Mac/Alexis thing just left me sad. Because I know they won’t go anywhere with it. The bitterness is too strong in me.

Yay for “surreal disbelief regarding the show as a whole”. I love it when the media doesn’t fall for cheap PR tactics.

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