Sarcastic Clapping

{December 2, 2009}   Ewwww…with a side of ewwww

Normally I have a live and let live mentality when it comes to fandoms.  You like the idea of Mac/Diane? Hey go for it.  Be my guest! But every now and again some buzz starts around two charactes and I have to shake my head and just go “Seriously????”

Right now I’m want someone to explain the whole facination with Ethan/Kristina.  And I want it  explained RIGHT NOW. 

I know she grew up litterally over night and one of her first “teenage” acts was to strip to her underware in front of Jason to distract him from looking for Michael…and weren’t we all just chuckling and applauding her creativity there?  But seriously…she is still under the age of 18.  And Ethan as the show has taken ridiculous pains to point out is the same age as Lulu….so early 20s I’m thinking if I was to pay attention to him. 

That’s called illegal. 

Kristina certainly has horrid taste in men.  She’s dating Keifer.  Her best friend is Michael.  So  I can see her having a crush on Ethan.  But to have Ethan basically flirting with her?  Come on. Eww.  I didn’t smile and laugh when he flirted with his alleged sister…why am I going to find it cute when he does it with a minor?????

et cetera