Sarcastic Clapping

{December 7, 2009}   oh there you two go again!

Oh Brian Frons and Bob Guza…

You two are almost adorable in your belief that soap fans are just stupid enough to beleive your crap.  I find the fact you are apparenlty unaware that things like You Tube and fan edits exist so we can easily do things like re-watch scenes and realize that hearing Liz spew nonesense about not initating and liking sex is complete and utter crap of the highest order and dissmissive of ALL of her fandoms this close to be hillarious.  It’s almost funny the way you think we would forget we spent two years watching Liz beg to be nothing more than Jason’s booty call.  Or the fact that often times Liz is the initator with Lucky simply because of the fact he was there after the rape and his own fears of being exactly like Luke.  Or Naked Wednesday with Ric. Or the fact you do not have sex in the rooms above Jake’s if you in anyway dislike sex or do not take iniative. 

And the fact you think anyone on this planet who has watched soaps for longer than three minutes doesn’t fully realize that A – the only reason Rebecca illogically found out about Niz is because Natalia Livingston is on her way out the door or B- Lucky is so not going to find out a minute before its time to start February sweeps and even then…only after Lulu, Tracy, Maxie, Cruz, Harper, new Detective Williams, Max, Milo, Sonny and Olivia all find out. 

Want to really shock me? How about not treating me like an idiot?  I know James Franco thinks I am all wigged out about his being on my T V screen…but really I totally get the fact this is a show….and you all have sweeps.  And you try for your ratings during sweeps.  I know the people in the box are not real.  And since I’ve watched this show for a while now…I also am aware of exactly how you write.  And when you reveal things.  And the odds of you revealing something in a non-sweeps month.  This is the show that bragged that writing a soap opera like a soap opera (ie “each day builds on the next!”  “You don’t want to miss a moment!”) was something new and revelutionary.    As I said then…duh!

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