Sarcastic Clapping

{December 9, 2009}   Meet my new hero!

I have to admit I was completely hesitant about Scott Reeves being cast as Dr. Steven Lars Webber. First there was the whole he was goign to be cheif of staff when Monica was already that thing.  I had visions of dead Qs and accusations of incompetence dancing in my head.  And then came the news that STeven Lars….was going to be known as Steve.    I admit it….my brain went to the scary place that Guza would one day invent a female character that reminds him of himself for the sole purpose of writing the lines “I love you Steve.”

And the fact Scott is so close to Steve Burton didn’t help matters.  It just didn’t.  I admit my prejudices.

But then he showed up….and Steven (nope…I will never EVER call him Steve….hell to the no) was AWESOME.

First…he’s adorably easy to fit in your pocket!

He’s so wee! 

Then he awesomely backed Robin over Patrick…and while I do like Patrick…it is always fun to see him not treated as St. Patrick of the Holy Hands who is always right and can save everyone. Such writing, as we know, is reserved for Jason and Jason alone.  Plus…turns out Robin was right and Patrick ended up backing his wife.  A woman who’s name is not Carly or Lulu was proven right on THIS SHOW!  Who the hell thought it was possible??????  Not me!

And plus when was the last time we all saw Liz this happy?

And about someone in her family!  Need I remind you that includes Sarah “the anti-chemistry vaccum” Webber?  Do you all know how insanely frightened I was about hearing sometime in the next two weeks that Nik had “re-awakened” her smile and happiness that had been under lock and key since the rape?  It kept me up at night.

Plus…Steven did not seem that he will be all that  impressed with Nikolas.  Which well made of win in my book.  Anyone who can look at Nikolas and automatically can tell….hideous hosebeast…..FABULOUS.  May he pass those smarts on the to the rest of the town and most importantly HIS SISTER. 

I know he’s recurring….but seriously….Give him the contract Natalia just vacated!

photos courtsey of Lisa W’s Soap World

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