Sarcastic Clapping

{December 24, 2009}   All I want for Christmas is for this storyline to end

You would think after yesterday’s episode,  I would be on cloud nine.  I mean after all  I had this….

I swear that child is the reason why God invented biological clocks.

And then later on I had this…..

At the risk of sounding all fangirl on you…SQUEEEEEE!!!!!

But instead I spent a large portion of today groaning and covering my eyes.  All because of him

Yes it was that time again….our yearly visit with Luke the Grinch.  And the yearly visit of the currenlty favored relative who’s heartfelt entreaty convinces Luke each time that family and friends are important and that Christmas is worth celebrating.  And since of course now Lucky is played by St. Jonathan Jackson the Show Savior, were we really all that surprised Lucky got the nod this year?

Yeah I didn’ t think so.

Just like every time Sonny and Jason get into a fight, we get a mob war, every Christmas we get Luke the Grinch and the annual concern that he’ll skip the Spencer holiday gathering and ruin Christmas for everyone.  Why the hell has exactly none of them realized that Luke hates this holiday and really the dragging his butt to the table is more pain than it is fun?  Why do we have to suffer through speeches and scenes fretting about if Luke will show and how if he would just grace his family with his fecking pressence then a Christmas miracle would happen. 

A freaking Christmas miracle would be someone on this show calling Luke out for being the most unrepentant asshat currenlty on the show. (And with Nik’s pressence you all know that says a lot!)  Oh wait that was Lucky’s job until they decided to morph the unholy Niz hosebeast of a story into a “gosh…will Lucky and Luke ever be close again?”  Answer to that question for the record is I don’t give  a flying fig.  I gave up caring about that ohhh roughly a decade ago.  Now I have to sit there and try not to roll my eyes as I have to sit through beyond repeated scenes rehashing stuff that quite frankly we all saw Lucky write off in May when Ethan showed up.     I get it. Luke doesn’t like Christmas. It reminds him of Laura or how trapped he felt in her house or something.  Blah blah blah.  It’s the same old tired song and dance every . single. bleeding. year.    And every year everyone acts as if Luke’s abstaining from celebrating  is a new occurance. 

Instead of something they usually have to beg him for.

I know soaps have their holiday traiditons and trust me I’m glad we aren’t using the death theme that Guza usually does….but for the love of god the entire Spencer family is totally smarter than this.  If the show insists on reminding us every Christmas that Luke Spencer is the center of the universe can they at least make if fun for us?  Instead of the yearly “oh my god, Luke will ruin Christmas” can’t the Spencer kids do something like hold a card tournament and the loser has to go try to drag Dad from his drunken stupor in the bar and join in normal family activities? A dart tournament?  Normally I’d say a drinking contest but I don’t want to give Guza any ideas about destroying Lucky’s sobriety.  At least allow them to acknowledge that Luke’s adversion to the holiday is absolutely nothing new.

But since this is the Christmas season and all…lets try to end on a positive note for the season shall we?

There…that’s better. 

Happy Holidays to one and all!

photos thanks to LisaW’s Soap Heaven.  Bizarre photo shrinkage is my issue and mine alone.

Leigh says:

But you know, when you complain about Luke Spencer, the GH watching masses go “but it’s Luke Spencer!” Yeah, but really, what has he done for us this decade? Did he cry pretty when Lucky was in a coma and Laura slipped back into her Catatonia? Well, yes, but that’s about it. The rest of the decade he spent either offscreen goodness knows where, or deciding to be an apathetic loser pining sadly for his glory days of being a mob lackey, rolling his eyes at people who care for him.

Call me crazy, but I think for an iconic, beloved soap character to remain iconic and beloved, he’s got to do more for us than that.

tana says:

never really like luke … he started as a rapist remember…really hard to come back from that.

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