Sarcastic Clapping

{January 5, 2010}   When discussing secrets…SHUT THE DAMN DOOR!

How the hell have these two dumbasses kept this scecret for so long?

I mean seriously…first Nik’s instance on stalking and his thought process that apparently if he proclaims his love long enough…Liz will choose him and everything will just be grand and beautiful.  Lets ask Steven what he thinks about that.

Yeah I’m not having it either.

Then these two in front of Elizabeth’s co-workes…and with the subtle of a Gene Simmons sales pitch go off into a closet….which quite frankly they never EVER need to go in again. 

It’s no use Steven….Earth logic is far too advance for these simpletons.

Look i know its a soap and sometimes stupid things have to happen for an eavesdropped reveal….but really?  If you go into a closet to discuss how your affair is so freaking forbidden and to try to talk someone into the beleif they love you……MAKE SURE THE DAMN DOOR IS SHUT!

Seriously! I know Nik can’t see past his own nose but how the hell does Elizabeth who is the QUEEN of  “this must never ever be spoken of or discussed or discovered becuase it will destroy everything” miss that?  HOW? She is looking right at it!

Good Lord Nik’s not exactly been quiet about his feelings… it’s not like Lucky would miss Nik’s screaming.  And huge puffy body stomping out.  Or better yet since Lucky is now so perfect and awesome and all things right and wonderful…I’m sure he now has super sonic hearing and can hear conversations through closed doors.

DUMBASSES!  Holy hell they suck at the secret thing!

Pictures thanks to Lisa W’sS Soap Heaven

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