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{January 20, 2010}   Bash me in the head with a bat.

You know I think I should just change this blog’s name to “Things about the way GH writes the character of Lucky Spencer that pisses me off” cause lets face it…99% of my virtual ink is related to this topic.  Mainly cause the writers are so determined to be dumbasses about it.

First let me say I know Jonathan Jackson is a great actor. He’s won a lot of Emmys. He’s super talented. At one time I was High Queen Scary fan girl counting down the days till he turned 18 and it was no longer illegal for me to like him.  (And I wasn’t the only one. Hello my former JJ-aholics who were damn proud of it. I remember who you are.)  So before you sit there and lob the “You’re just a bitter Greg Vaughan fan” at me…yes I do love Greg but that doens’t mean I don’t enjoy Jon as well.  I am mature like that. Mostly.  We’ll just forget about my Guza/Phelps/Frons vodoo doll collection in my closet. 

But come on.  This isn’t Lucky Spencer that he is playing.  This is some bizzaro land Lucky. 

Let’s start with his reaction to Niz and his decision not to confront them right then and there.  I get devistation.  I get anger. I get the want for revenge and the need to screw with their heads.   However I am a mean spirited and petty person.  I nurse grudges and I hate long and hard.  I am told this is not healthy and well my relationship track record would bare this out.   If the situation had been reveresed I could see Nik waiting to confront. I could see Elizabeth waiting to confront.  Why? Cause I’ve seen them do that.  What i have seen Lucky do in the many years he has been blindsided by information he does not want….is confront it directly.

Nik announces he’s his brother….Lucky confronts him and Laura.  Lucky finds enough information to convince himself that Luke did in fact rape Laura…he went home, packed a bag and confronted Luke.  Laura shows up in town and Lucky realizes Luke hasn’t told her anything about him leaving home….he admittedly acted like an ass to her but he confronts her about how he doesn’t understand her choice.  He finds out Maxie faked her pregnancy and subsequent miscarriage….he confronted her. He found out about Elizabeth and Jason’s one night stand from hell….he called Jason garbage, went home and confronted Elizabeth.  He finally found out about Jake…he punched Jason and confronted Elizabeth about lying to him.  He found out about Sam watching Jake being kidnapped and hiring goons to pull guns on Cameron…he confronted her.  He knew Elizabeth was holding back on information from him regarding that…he confronted her.  He suspected Jason knew more about Sam’s hit and run than Jason was telling…he confronted Jason.  He suspects Michael knows more about Claudia’s murder than he’s telling…he confronted Michael, Carly, Jason and Sonny. 

Are you seeing the same pattern I am?  Lucky gets shocked…he gets confirmation…he confronts and blasts them. 

Lucky does not play mind games.  Lucky does not go to town and act like Mark McGwyer and Barry Bonds after a bender. (Although that was flipping hysterical)  He does not start yelling at an immaginary Luke making wonder if he’s already off the wagon. (more on that later I’m sure) Lucky Spencer confronts the second he gets confirmation.  It has remained one of the few defining characteristics of this character no matter who’s playing him.

Yeah I know we are knee deep in JONATHAN JACKSON THE GREAT EMMY BAITING OF 2010. And I’m fully aware that just about every last critic is sitting there wetting themselves to praise it and act like this is some great return of Lucky Spencer or that only Jonathan could have delivered this when the truth is only Jonathan was going to be written this type of stuff.  And I’m fully aware that apparently the writing staff just got informed they had a trianlge they needed to blow for February sweeps.

But why couldn’t he blast them right then and there….then go home….have his bat attack….if they want him to play mind games…..he then goes back and acts like he’s ok…it was a shock but he’ll be alright…he’s happy for them…….you know like the way he reacted the other times he got blindsided like this and got 30 seconds to react……Nik is dumb enough to fall for this. Elizabeth’s really off the map of sanity actions on Monday seems to indicate she’d be dumb enough to fall for this.  Lucky can then extract revenge in any number of Luke-ish schemes (which the show is aiming to make us think he’s now like)  and he can still fall off the wagon.  All Emmy baiting can still happen….the critics can still give themselves orgasims….and it would still be soapy…without dragging this out for a single solitary second longer than necessary. 

And lets not even start on the, shall we say way too obvious, assencion of Lucky to the all-knowing, most popular guy save Jason in the town.  When Jasper Jax proposing to name Lucky Josslyn’s godfather is not the part of the show that throws me the most, it’s Carly’s protest that they barely know Lucky things are not well. Factually speaking Carly is correct. They do barely know Lucky. Except she’s listened to his concerns regarding Michael’s behaviors, she thought someone had invited Lucky to Michael’s birthday party, she suggested allowing Michael to confess to Lucky…..all things I’ve seen her do in the last month…..then the a new viewer would think that yes…Carly and Jax DO know Lucky very well.  At least well enough to consider his thoughts on parenting Michael.  I work with foster parents and natural parents for my job. I work with them closely for months and in some cases years….and I still can’t get people to consider my ideas on things I have studied and proven worked.  And I damn good at my job.   Apparently I just have to walk around town with the name Lucky Spencer and it will work!

This is not Lucky Specner “getting back to who he should have always been”.  Bullshit on that.  Even back when Jonathan Jackson first played the role…Lucky was referred to as “Laura’s son”….by Luke and others.  He has had his Luke moments….which generally led to him getting in his most trouble.  His poker addiction was from thinking like Luke.  His getting shot as a child was from thinking like Luke.  Throwing Nikolas down the stairs…thinking like Luke.  His drug addiction because he wouldn’t talk about his issues and he had this mythical idea of what he was supposed to be and felt like a failure at it so he drowned his failure in chemicals….well if that’s not Luke drinking for an entire decade I don’t know what is.  This is Bob Guza trying to A – playcate angry fans who about rioted in the street when the entire town lined up to lecture Lucky on why Ethan was so great, B- trying to rehab Luke’s  (and Tony Geary’s) image without actually having to go back and say that making Ethan a Spencer and the entire way they wrote that storyline(and the way they have written Luke in regards to his eldest child) was a big fat fattie mistake and C – trying to act like they didn’t just lay a ginormous goose egg by laying all their sweeps eggs in the Franco basket.

Difficult Diva says:


I’m not taking ANYTHING away from JJ, RH or even TC’s performances, but I’m tired of the men on GH calling their women on the show, bitches, whores, skanks and trollops. I don’t get joy out of it (even when Lucky’s clearly in the right to say and react towards Liz and Nik).

Then, the usual suspects say, “Well, the storyline wasn’t written before the show knew that they had JJ back.” BULLSHIT. They had clearly set up the pieces for Niz to happen, the fallout just changed when they finally got JJ back on board. There’s NO WAY that they would of had Lucky being portrayed as the “poor, unaware guy” if he was still being portrayed by Greg Vaughn. Everyone knows that and folks STILL make excuses, because the fan favorite is back.

That’s why I’m going to always have issues with how Lucky’s being written this time around. I don’t care if JJ is Sir Alex Laurence Oliver reincarnated. The writers, the producers and Brian Frons USED the character of Lucky Spencer and his fellow portrayer, Greg Vaughn like a place-holder and we, the fans are just supposed to conviently forget about it, because the original actor is back?!

This shows how much respect TPTB have for their fans AND for their actors.

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