Sarcastic Clapping

{January 27, 2010}   Beauty and the Beast

I was going to comment today about Carly’s observation about how she doesn’t have any female friends and how that might be related to her feeling the need to be a hypocrtical skank who thinks she can decide who gets custody and forgets her own history at the same time.  I was going to comment about how freaking ridiculous it is that it’s only dawning on the Mob Crew to fully vet Dominic when he’s been working closely with them for months.  Didn’t he blackmail his way into this?  Do Sonny and Jason do background checks with the same firms that check out all these people on reality tv?  Or the fact that apparenlty Dante is some sort of bizarre FBI/NYPD hybrid cop that I don’t get at all.  There was also the insanity of Sam the undercover PI…A- not understanding what undercover means  (does she use her name when she’s going on her own undercover assignments?) and B – telling Kristina that dressing to please a man was just so silly and beneath her.   I don’t call her the Underware PI for nothing folks.

And then…somethign truly terrifying appeared on my screen. Something more cringe inducing than Niz.  YES IT IS THAT HORRIFIC!

What is that??????  I’m supposed to take Spinelli seriously as A – a real person, B – an adult capable of carring on a mature relationship with Maxie and C – a top of the line computer hacker who has supreme mastery of search engines…..and they dress him like he’s a mentally challenged three year old?  They want me to beleive the non-husband or whatever he is to a fashionista like Maxie is allowed to have something that hideous in his closet?

I just ….i can’t….I need something awesome to take my mind off the trauma.

There! That’s better! 

And while I do like Scrubs, I’m telling you all….if they broke up in an organic non-Guza fashion (so yeah that won’t happen) and it wasn’t sleazy like Niz….man oh man would I love me some Steven/Robin.  I know people like Stebin…but I am more partial to Roven myself.  They are adorable.  Pocket-sized.  Doctors.  Legacy characters.  What’s not to love?

Screencaps courtsey of LisaW’s Soap Heaven

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