Sarcastic Clapping

{February 9, 2010}   This again?

Dear Tony Geary

Yes I know. I’m shocked I’m talking to you too!  After reading your interviews where you cheered the complete destruction of Luke and Laura’s history just so you can work with an actor that mumbles all the time (what?  Working with Maurice Bernard wasnt’ enough for you?) and how the fans who were howling in protest were just pigeon-holing you…the greatest actor to ever act…in a time that you found hell on Earth…I thought I would never want to have anything to do with you again.  And then when you spent about 99% of your time during Lucky-gate working in back-handed slams to Greg Vaughan I knew I would never like you again. (I hold grudges. Sue me) 

But brother we have GOT to talk. 

See apparently the show wants us to all beleive the last ten years never happened to Lucky. Well except for that pesky Jiz stuff apparently that is ok for us to remember.  And it’s annoying. ESPECIALLY since this show seems to want us to beleive the only issue that is between Luke and Lucky is still the freaking rape of Laura. 

Look I completely acknowledge this was a major major turning point in Luke and Lucky’s relationship. A game changer as it were.  And it deserved every bit of attention it got. Ten years ago.

Did you catch that? It happened ten years ago.  And by the time Jonathan Jackson left the last time…not only had this subject been worn to the ground but it had been somewhat resolved.  Lucky didn’t hero-worship Luke any more true but they had reached an understanding.  While the rape would always be there it was no longer the main issue between them.   There was this little scene that happened on one of Jonathan’s last days called the “you’re still my hero” scene in Kelly’s. You might want to look that up.

In the time between then and now….many many things happened between Luke and Lucky to cause estrangement. There was Luke’s abandoning his children when Laura became ill. There was shoving the raising of Lulu off on Lucky. There’s the outright contempt he showed Lucky when Lucky did what he felt was right and became a cop.  Let us not forget the ignoring of Lucky’s drug problem and his marriage imploding. Or the parading around town of Ethan as the greatest thing as sliced bread.  All of this is great fodder for Luke and Lucky to play with and wrestle with if this show really wants to rebuild the Lucky/Luke relationship. 

But all you seem to harp on is things that happened over a decade ago and were well covered by that point.  And even more maddening you refuse to acknowledge that is exactly what the two of you are talking about!

I get it. I understand you are tired of playing the rape card. Tired of going to that same well every time. I can respect that. Honest!  But you and GH can not have it both ways. You can’t sit there and act like this is the major issue between them and then not name what it is you are obliquely referring to!  If you want to pretend this is the only major reason Lucky has to distrust his father….and clearly you all do…then you have to name it.  Seriously!

There is tons of fodder for Lucky and Luke to get through. Tons of meaty storylines to play. Watching Luke pour drinks while he listens to Lucky declare that Luke was always right is not a good story. It’s boring. It’s lazy. And it’s completely insulting to those of us who watched Luke act like if Lucky was on fire he wouldn’t spit on him.  (Although clearly that was you deciding you were too good to be bothered with actors you considered beneath you) 

You all want to rebuild Luke and lucky’s relationship? Go for it. Be my guest. But pick a less familar path.  And why not have Luke realize that he was 1000% wrong about Lucky.  And Luke was the asshole…not Lucky.  Might do a world of good for you.

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