Sarcastic Clapping

{February 24, 2010}   Did that really just happen? Have I actually understood?

No this is not a rant about the inexplicable BFF-ship of Lucky and Jason. Although that will be coming. 

As you probably now saw….hell froze over and GH finally changed it’s opening credits.   Yes the daily reminder of characters and actors cruelly cast aside through the writers’ bloodlust is no more.  As is the way awesome drinking game of “Drink everytime you spot a dead/departed character/actor!”  Cause for real, sometimes being drunk before the first commerical break on a Mob Monday is the only way to go.

First I’d like to congratulate ABC on releasing these on You Tube a day early so all us bloggers/board posters can Zappruder these 60 seconds as if our lives depended on it.  Thanks for understanding our priorities! 

Now to grade this sucker!

I’ve been long asking for GH to hire some of it’s 14 year old fanart making fans to do their photoshop for them.  I see they took this advice to mean hire 14 year old You Tube video makers to create its credits.  I think I saw some of those effects advertised in Sony Vega! 

For a show that is so damn determined to be most depressing, blood-filled soap on the air….didn’t the cast pictures seem a little…sunny?  Well that and Sonny.  But really who didn’t figure he’d be first?  I mean Jason almost cracked a smile! SAINTED HITMEN DON’T SMILE!!!!!  They shoot you if you even tell them to say cheese while taking their pictures!! 

I did like the use of the actors actual names….however I still argue that if GH used it’s cast better we wouldn’t have to be reminded who half of these people are all the time.  Who else went “Matt?  Matt? OH! Matt! He’s still on this show?” when Jason Cook showed up?  (Seriously what the hell did he or Greg Vaughan ever do to these show runners that deem they never get/got used?  Kill their dogs?  Eat their children?  Be just too pretty and awesome to be real? I want to know!)

Allegedly the redone credits were so it would be easier to add in/delete cast members.  So we should in theory have no more situations where they fire one actor and leave him in the opening credits the day that his much over-hyped replacement starts airing. (Yup…still bitter!) However these credits have been finished since October per the actors.  Three cast members have been added since then.  Did you see Kiefer, Lisa or Steven Lars?  Ok the first two we could do without but the awesomeness of Steven Lars?  That is like a day without sunshine mister! It’s the end of February…these credits have been finished a little over three months and they haven’t been able to add in THREE cast members. This….could be a sad sad scary omen of things to come. 

The placement of the characters didn’t suprise me.  I figured La Familia Corrinthos would be right up front.  I knew Tony Geary would be smirking at me at the end…probably just to spite me!  It was actually pretty close to placement of the old opening really. 

But the background images.  Lets just be honest. 99% of that was background footage from the first horrific season of Night Shift.  I recognized the Sason sex SUV from the first episode.  CGI Wyndemere is quite frankly the funniest thing to ever be shown on this show outside of the Mile High Bridge of Terror and Jason and the boat.  I coudn’t even really tell you what the order of the cast was at that point because I was way too busy calling on the power of Greyskull. 

And as many have said….Faces of the Heart is the way better theme song. Period. No discussion necessary!

So attempt….B+    Execution?  D-.

It’s all a little to ‘Dark Shadows’ for me! It’s as if the entire GH crowd (set designers included) needed a group prescription for anti-depressants. Something about the GH theme song freaks my dog out (seriously). She howls and then runs when it’s on… WHY didn’t I follow her lead????

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