Sarcastic Clapping

{February 26, 2010}   It’s that time again….

It’s here!  The time we all wait with baited breath for.  Our Annual Bitchery of the Year contest!

Otherwise known as the Daytime Emmys.

Yes the awards will most likely be aired on local PBS stations during December…..but lets focus folks. The pre-noms came out today.  And wow….look at GH spread the wealth among ALL the storylines and actors of the cast.

Outstanding Lead Actress In A Drama Series

SARAH BROWN, as Claudia Zacchara Corinthos
LAURA WRIGHT, as Carly Jacks

Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series
MAURICE BENARD, as Sonny Corinthos
ANTHONY GEARY, as Luke Spencer

Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Drama Series
CAROLYN HENNESY, as Diane Miller
REBECCA HERBST, as Elizabeth Webber

Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Drama Series

BRADFORD ANDERSON, as Damien Spinelli
JONATHAN JACKSON, as Lucky Spencer

Outstanding Younger Actress In A Drama Series

JULIE BERMAN, as Lulu Spencer
KIRSTEN STORMS, as Maxie Jones

Outstanding Younger Actor In A Drama Series
DREW GARRETT, as Michael Corinthos, Jr.
NATHAN PARSONS, as Ethan Lovett

I swear I called this exact prenom list about four months ago. 

Lets break it down by category shall we?  One of the big problems with this process is that the award is given to one episode.  Pick a good episode….and you’re golden.  So even though Maurice Bernard drives me insane 99.999999% of the time with his mumbling and duh facing…..we all know if he submits the episode surrounding Michael waking up he’ll end up on the nominee list.  Now Tony Geary….how to put this.  His main story this year…was the universally hated ret-con that introduced Ethan.  And while I find Tony to be a fine actor is quieter moments……he chewed so much scenery in that storyline he left spit on the camera lens.  Not’s that it’s stopped him before…..and not that we don’t all know that sometime names get you a nod that you otherwise wouldnt’ get (more on that later)…..oh dear God I do not want to hear him ramble about how right he was about this storyline being awesome and how wrong we all were for hating it.  (what? like you didn’t have the same thought?)

Lead actress I have no issues with at all.  I hate Carly but Laura Wright killed it during the early part of Michael’s waking up.  And while no one but no one could have made Claudia work (since you know the writers couldnt’ decide one second to the next who she was) Sarah Brown fully committed to it. 

Supporting actress…..really I think Kimberly McCullough deserves it more.  Nothing against Becky or Carolyn.  Both are fine actresses. But really?  Can you name a standout scene for Becky from 2009?  Her character was completely decimated for no reason other than Guza thought it would be fun.  Becky fought the good fight but how on Earth can you make Liz’s insane declaration about Nik awakening her sexually work? On any level?  And Carolyn…lets just say it. She’s playing a recurring character.  Recurring.    What show continually tries to nominate a recurring character?  

Supporting actor…..oh where to start.  Alright the lesser of the two evils.  Bradford.  He’s a talented comedic actor.  And the Spixie non-wedding was a heck of a lot of fun. But Spinelli in large doses is almost the most annoying pressence on television.   The twitches. The nicknames.  The horrific fashion choices.  The never ending discussion of “essential person.”  As for Jonathan Jackson….while this blog well demonstrates I beleive he is a talented actor…..come on this is straight up political choice.  This is a “thank you for returning” nod.  What did he do between October and New Years Eve taht was soooo extraordinary?  Show up?  Breathe?  Made Tony Geary wake up and realize he had to act?  (Ok that is a superhuman act I admit).  But his “storyline” didn’t start until 2010.  Lets be real.  Oh I know he’ll be on the final nomination ballot.  Lets not kid ourselves about that at all.  But lets not act like he came back and reinvented the wheel here.  Starting the disturbing BFF-ship with Jason does not deserve recognition. 

Younger actress…..Kristen and Julie will be nominated until they can be nominated in the supporting category.  Lexi Ainsworth had a strong start but I feel they are going to wait till the end of this abuse storyline before pre-nomming her. 

Younger actor…Drew Garret is no surprise and probably is the front runner.  Great great actor.  Nathan Parsons?  Are we sure the category wasn’t “Oustanding Mumbler”?  I can see why they would be confused with Mo being nominated and all.  Seriously….GH…you want people to remember and honor that horrific crap fest of a story?  When all he would show is “smug” and “smuggier”? 

Ahhhh….now to wait for April…so we can bitch and moan about the actual nomminees! It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Hee hee… outstanding mumbler! +1!

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