Sarcastic Clapping

{March 23, 2010}   On a mission to make me post.

You know sometimes I am convinced that the decision process among the “creative types” of General Hosptial comes down to one question and one question only.    Casting, storylines, promos, press releases are all judged by the same standard.

Will this piss off the blogging/internet community?  If the answer is yes…full steam ahead!

Because sometimes the only answer is they have to live to piss us off.

Case in point…the out of nowhere, still unexplained firing of Drew Garrett.  Now I’ve made no secret over the years of my blazing hatred of Michael, which is second only to my blazing hatred of his mother, father and uncle.  His birth was the catalyst for Guza to completely restructure this show around the disturbing premise that mobsters were the most noble of noble.   AJ became the biggest monster ever to step foot on planet Earth.   Raising your child in the mob is way better than with a wealthy, hillarious dysfunctional family.  Oh and hanging some one on a meat hook is a totally appropriate way to resolve child custody disputes. 

And Michael has been a hideous hose beast since the very second he got out of the coma.  I’ve begged and pleaded for Jason to use him for target practice.  His insisting on being mad at no one but Carly about his being in a coma was ridiculous.  I have no idea why making him face a consequence is such a horrific idea.   And I’m equally clueless as to why everyone is stunned when Michael acts like a psychopath who doesn’t understand his actions are wrong when they never tell him his actions are wrong. 

But the one thing that I have never quibbled with is the way Drew Garrett played Michael. He was fabulous. A true talent and credit to Mark Teshner’s casting genius.  he looked like he could be the son of Carly and AJ.  He acted the way you would think a child raised by two amoral sociopaths like Sonny and Jason would act.  You may have wanted to smack the ever living crap out of him you never forgot where Michael was coming from.  Yes it was Hellmouth but you still understood it.  That was a total credit to Drew.

I am not anti-recast, as my ever dear love for Greg Vaughan shows.  A recast can be wonderful. But it generally helps if the news isn’t a “here one day, gone the next.” Drew’s replacement is already shooting on set.  The show has released the same comment they did when they switched Gre g and Jonathan Jackson….and when Natalia left for the second time.  Sure it’s entirely possibly this was nothing more than a contract dispute but who isn’t gossiping about this right now?  I think no one.

I’ll say it right now…letting Drew Garrett go was a mistake.  He’s great and will become a huge star.  I have no opinion on this new guy other than his credits seem a little too Disneyfied for me to be totally confident about this…..but I’m willing to have an open mind.

One thing I am done having an open mind or hope about is this show’s continual decision to pee all over the legal system.  It stands to reason that if a show is going to center itself around criminals occassionally they are going to go to trial.  So could they possibly do the smallest research on how the justice system actually works?   I mean at all?  The jury selection for Sonny’s trial? A joke.  I know that finding an impartial jury is impossible.  and it’s hard to not throw a stick and miss someone who hasn’t slept wtih Sonny or slept with someone who slept with Sonny.  But could they at least not act like people loudly proclaiming how they have already made up their mind on the verdict is bad form?   Or that in a trial that is getting media coverage like this one supposedly is…..that the jury is sequestered? Meaning they do’nt walk around town, bumping into their ex-boyfriends and offering to talk about a trial they can’t talk about.  I know we are all aware that Sonny will not spend a single second  in jail.   But the simple fact is that Law & Order is on cable at least 24 hours a day.  If they are feeling the economic pinch over there and aren’t subscribing to cable I am willing to start a collection and buy them a complete season of L&O.  The complete series if we raise enough and go for Trial by Jury.   It’s not that hard to get the small things right! He can still make every prosecutor look incompetent! He can still selectively apply the laws! I won’t complain about it. (much….) But I can not stand this blatant insulting of my intelligence anymore!

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