Sarcastic Clapping

{May 18, 2010}   A shining bright spot of joy

In a sea of insanity….where a father who signed away his legal rights to his son two years ago is acting like he can stop an adoption (Newsflash Sonny…when you sign a termination of parental rights….it’s generally pretty final.  So shut it Weeble.).  Where a comptent (ok semi-comptent) single female lawyer overnight comes down with the biggest case of baby rabies this side of Robin Scorpio in the first season of Night Shift.   Where a hitman going to jail is considered a sacrifice…a sacrifice for his nephew while the very idea of changing anything so he could be in his own son’s life was just a completely foreign concept.  Where the response to the FOURTH request to remove your crazy-ass grandmother from your house and your life is treated as if it’s A- the first time it’s been said and B – just a fluffed up concern that’s really over nothing even though the last time you told the world you had Helena Mother Effing Cassadine under control, you ended up in jail framed for her faked murder.  And where I just watched two cops who have sworn to uphold the law debate bribing a judge because HE SENTENCED A LEGAL ADULT WHO ADMITTED TO KILLING ANOTHER HUMAN BEING IN OPEN COURT TO FIVE FREAKING YEARS IN JAIL.   In this sea of insanity that is the typical daily GH grind and on a day when ABC proudly announces that James Franco is returning….and all I can see is more pretentious interviews, more backhanded insults to soap fans and the return of Franco’s obsessive love of Jason…so that just causes my head to hurt.  In all this…we need a happy place. 

And today…this show actually gave us one!

Thank you for being a friend Scott Reeves! 

Photo coursey of Lisa W’s Soap Heaven

I just zip right past the Dominic/Lucky/Sonny/Carly/Jason/etc pain. I just can’t take it. WHY would Dominic feel sorry for Michael? He should be trying to get his brother help behind bars so that he doesn’t come out a bigger and better criminal. All Michael has wanted is to take over for ‘their’ father – though Dom has disowned Sonny. I prefer Claire’s baby rabies than watch good characters keep falling into Mob-rabies. Soon they’ll be combined and Claire will be carrying Sonny’s latest damage-in-waiting kid.

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