Sarcastic Clapping

{May 25, 2010}   File under “Seems like a good idea at the time”

I have many many thoughts reagarding the recent events in Port Charles.  And I will weigh in on them when I have more of a time to give them the time and attention they deserve. (i.e., longer than the five seconds Guza and company took in planning them.  They deserve at least six seconds at least!)

But before going back to work tonight (yeah social work!  Never a regular schedule)….I had to comment on this one….I’ll go with interesting…online development.

Brian Frons apparently has joined Twitter.

Now I have no idea if this is a verified account or not.  However given the sheer amount of cluelessness Brian Frons has demonstrated in the past (i.e. Calling actresses on his show “fat and not attractive”, having to be explained the entire concept of rape did indeed include the idea of having sex while one of the parties was drugged or otherwise incapacitated, greenlighting the repeated showing of Luis Alcazar’s body being thrown from the top of a building just months after 9/11) I am willing to suspend disbeilef and go with the idea Public Online Enemy Number One decided to join Twitter and make himself available to fans.  Or you know how he sees them “those unfortunate souls who resist my training techinques”.

If this account ends up being verified, it has all the earmarks of a deliciously soapy car crash.  And if it’s a brilliant pissed off soap fan?  Well before it’s found out…you and I both know every single frustrated pissed off soap fan will take this opportunity to pop off at “Brian Frons” at 140 characters a shot.  And lets not kid ourselves…..the soap community will be watching it.  And if it’s not Brian? Well he’s about to get an education about how people really feel about him isn’t he?

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