Sarcastic Clapping

{June 29, 2010}   Three simple ways to tell you need to rethink your plan.

Take note dear readers if any of the following situations occur….immediately…DO NOT WAIT… DO NOT PASS GO…DO NOT COLLECT $200…immediately rethink your plan and come up with an alternative course of action.

1. Luke Spencer who for the past decade has used a grand total of ONE disguise/alias (Dr. Von Skimmerman) and managed to get kidnapped by Helena in the most wholely boring and pointless kidnapping in the history of kidnapping….who can’t remember he has more than one child and who mistakenly beleives Laura Spencer is a boring hausfrau….thinks your plan is stupid.

2. Max Giambetti….who was recently moaning about the fact he didn’t get his recently legal charge that he’s known since he was like 5 a hooker for his 18th birthday and who is single-handedly responsible for every kidnapping that has befallen his job because he epically epically sucks at his job…..thinks your plan is stupid.

3. Milo Giambetti….who does what his brother says and therefore aslo epically epically sucks at his job beause well look who his boss is……who looks up to Spinelli….SPINELLI OF ALL PEOPLE…and who seems to have the social skills of a flea….thinks your plan is stupid.

This think tank of genius is almost spelling it directly out for Sonny that his latest half-cocked revenge scheme is going to epically fail!  THESE THREE!  If any of these three told me the sky is blue I would question it myself first and we are all in agreement here.  In the history of Sonny’s dumb ideas which include shooting into the room where he knew his pregnant wife was being held, using the “funeral” of his son to cover up his retaliation hit on the family everyone knew he held responsible for Michael’s “death”, getting Michael shot because he didn’t take bodyguards to the warehouse, not understanding the concept of abuse and not to mention the cover up of a crime that would have been ruled JUSTIFIABLE HOMICIDE and resulted in no jail time for his son…this HAS to rank as his dumbest.

No one is going to be suspicious of a CAR BOMB Sonny?  Ok yes I know it’s the PCPD but it now has Super Cop Dante and Super Cop Lucky.  They’ll at least be suspicous for a few days!

No one is going to think you would do this because of what happened to Lily?  That might work if Idon’t know…you got out of the fecking business then you numbnuts!

No is going to think…”huh similar car bomb to what took out Lily Corrinthos…lets check that out”? 

When the brain damaged hitman is clearly the brains of the operation…..things are very wrong in Whoo-ville.

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