Sarcastic Clapping

{February 16, 2010}   Three years too late….

Seriously…it’s the continuation of your Valentine’s episode and what do you include?

The start of the world’s most obvious Who’s The Daddy storyline ever?  and what’s with this we can’t test till May crap.  It was ten weeks when it concerned Jason.  Elizabeth is past ten weeks now if you are claiming she’s three months along solely to make it a WTD.  We do pay attention to these things Guza!

And if…..IF…the show hadn’t had been such a complete bastard to Greg…then maybe I would have become my total and complete fangirl squeeing self today…..and if the storyline was SO stuck on complete stupid…..then maybe….just maybe my heart would have done something than my twinge.  But I will not forget so easily!  I do hold a grudge….granted make this baby a Spencer and the gruge will ease…but still it’s there.

And ok…Steven clearly recognizing Nik’s utter uselessness and keeping him back was made of win

And way to look concern there Nik.  I so beleive in your “undying love and affection” and such. Or is that indigestion?  Hard to distinguish those two you know…

But lets be real….the best part of today’s episode for me?

Mac/Alexis making out!

Ok yes they need to be seen more and we need to actually see them date….but hey I do enjoy the fact even SAM recognizes that Mac is a good guy who will treat Alexis right…..and lets face it…name the last time two over 40 good people got involved on this show period?  I know I’m drawing a blank.  And believe me if I had a cap of the make out it would be up here…but alas…all I found was the reveal.  So sad.

This slightly made up for having to celebrate yet another National Singles Awareness Day.  Just slightly.

Photos courtsey of Lisa W’s Soap Heaven

{August 5, 2009}   Oh swoon Prince Assolas!

It bears repeating that I think Nikolas Cassadine is a horrific selfish buttmunch of a character that I have hated for years and I think he is the world’s worst excuse for a sibling known to man.

And then yesterday and today happened and I felt completely justified in my hatred of him.

FIRST….the viewers have been tortured…TORTURED…since January with Nikolas’s creepy obsession with Rebecca.  I get that Guza classically mis-read the room, thougth the viewer outrage over killing Emily Quatermaine in a stupid sweeps stunt was our unending sorrow that Natalia Livingson (a love her or hater actress) was leaving and clearly he thought if he just put Tyler and Natalia near each other…we would be sooo happy we would just sing to the high heavens and the ratings would who really cares that this storyline makes no sense and is awful.  I would ask if the writers are aware that by making Nik fall for Rebecca in virtual carbon copies of the Nem story..they are stating that the only reason Nik was in love with Emily was the fact she was pretty, but such thinking requires higher thought so clearly the answer there is no.

We heard for hours on end that Lucky liking Rebecca for not being Emily was creepy…until Nik decided he liked her for being Rebecca then it was fine.  Then it was Lucky was just  a mean jerk for ignoring Nik’s feelings….when Lucky spent a MAJORITY of his time with Rebecca talking about his stupid brother.

Then in a move that made me wonder if Nik picked up his woo-ing tips from Saved By The Bell, he purposely kissed Elizabeth, his friend for over a decade to piss his brother off.  When Lucky, who is smarter than a fifth grader, called him out on that….Nik and Elizabeth went to Jake where Nik made the ooohhhh so romantic assertion that if he wanted a relationship to hang onto Emily, why then he’d date Elizabeth.  Plus the insane notion that Emily and Elizabeth discussed in detail what a good kisser Nikolas is.  I’d also like to remind you dear readers that in all the time prior to this…Elizabeth referred to Nikolas as her BROTHER-In-LAW.  Who talks like that about their brothers-in-law?  People who end up on true crime stories as the killer or the mastermind of a murder for hire plot…that’s who!

Yesterday…Nik spent the ENTIRE episode whinning about Rebecca. How upset he was that she moved out for contrived reasons.  How he wanted her back.  Elizabeth, to the surprise of only the dead, showed up under similarly contrived circumstances and listened to him YET AGAIN be all “poor poor stupid me”.  Then in the space of THREE…count them THREE lines…he went from “Rebecca will be back in a few days tops” to a comment that basically amounted to “You know with my beer goggles on…I totally think you are hot.”


Then today….he was basically dicking over his brother…..I know Lucky has always loved you says Nik…but I can see you with someone else.  WHAT THE CRICKEY FUCK?  You have spent the past three weeks mooning over Rebecca and telling anyone who will listen that your feeligns for Rebecca are good and pure and not connected to Emily in anyway.  You acted annoyed when Elizabeth states a different opinion than yours.  and now…drunk off your ass I am supposed to swoon because you are being a totally uncalled for dick to your brother and trying to hit on the woman you KNOW your brother loves more than anything…..becuase why? Little Nik didnt’ get any action that night and he pricked up at the merest hint of it?

Way to ruin one of the only male-female friendships that never EVER had any hint of romantic overtones GH.  Way to give the Liz haters that ammo!   Also…do you watch the show you ruin? Liz rejected Nik as a romantic partner YEARS ago.  YEARS.  Much like she rejected Jason YEARS ago.  I know apparenlty being with Lucky Spencer is a fate no woman would want…I mean clearly…just look at him….

Greg walking

Clearly he’s a dog.  Who would want that? Only insane people obviously!

And just to get on my fannish soapbox here….the LL2 fans have temporarly (because seriously….Nik/Rebecca is totally end game. Blind deaf mutes in North Korea can tell that one) been screwed over yet again?  A fanbase that has been around for 12 years…survived other fanbases killers such as multiple recasts, out of character actions and the omnipresece of St.Jaysus of the Holy Hitmen… destory not only one of the FEW….non-sexual friendships GH has between males and females….but also one of the richest brother relationships on the show? 

Trust me I do see the soapy potential that could be had…..with the approrpiate end game couples getting throught it.  I do.  But you know what that soapy potential requires?  A headwriter that is concerned about ALL the characters involved.  A headwriter who understands and respects the history of the show. Not this fucker who thinks sleaze = good writing and who has the attention span of a gnat on crack!

I am as hypocritcal as the next blogger..and i’ll admit it totally.

When I first heard about kareoke night, I rolled my eyes and groaned.  Then I heard Max and Diane were involved and I started in on ranting about how I didn’t give a crap about two recurring characters and the whole idea about recurring is they do not have continuing storylines and love lives…and if they DID have these things we didn’t see them at the expense of contract characters….and I just generally do not give a crap about anyone in Sonny’s never ending parade of ineffectual bodyguards (seriously..who HASN’T gotten past any of them? His guards are way worse than the way Guza writes the PCPD!)  And then I found out that it was supposed to be soo good for Spixie and move them into couple territory and end the courly love or whatever.  And I HATE Spinelli and Spixie individually with the fire  of  like a ZILLION suns…

So to say that I was NOT looking forward to this AT ALL is one of the top ten understatements of my life. I raged about this to anyone who would listen to me.

I am here to now wear my premature haters badge.  Oh dont’ get me wrong…I hate the parts I expected to hate.  (Seriously…since when are Maxie, Lulu and Rebecca are all bffs?  And really The Pussycat Dolls?  Woo way to show where you stand on positive images of women there GH!)  And the less said about the adventures of Spinelli and the magic microphone the better. 

However I will watch every single second of it….becuase I got my Lucky/Liz being all happy…cuddle bunny…squishable…and talking away in the background. Plus their discussing of that stupid Nik/Liz kiss confirms my theory about a Soapnet spoiler for the month…and it makes me smile. 

Hypocrite? Yup. Premature hating? You betcha.  But wallowing in my LL2 prettiness?  HELLS YES!

et cetera