Sarcastic Clapping

{February 16, 2010}   Three years too late….

Seriously…it’s the continuation of your Valentine’s episode and what do you include?

The start of the world’s most obvious Who’s The Daddy storyline ever?  and what’s with this we can’t test till May crap.  It was ten weeks when it concerned Jason.  Elizabeth is past ten weeks now if you are claiming she’s three months along solely to make it a WTD.  We do pay attention to these things Guza!

And if…..IF…the show hadn’t had been such a complete bastard to Greg…then maybe I would have become my total and complete fangirl squeeing self today…..and if the storyline was SO stuck on complete stupid…..then maybe….just maybe my heart would have done something than my twinge.  But I will not forget so easily!  I do hold a grudge….granted make this baby a Spencer and the gruge will ease…but still it’s there.

And ok…Steven clearly recognizing Nik’s utter uselessness and keeping him back was made of win

And way to look concern there Nik.  I so beleive in your “undying love and affection” and such. Or is that indigestion?  Hard to distinguish those two you know…

But lets be real….the best part of today’s episode for me?

Mac/Alexis making out!

Ok yes they need to be seen more and we need to actually see them date….but hey I do enjoy the fact even SAM recognizes that Mac is a good guy who will treat Alexis right…..and lets face it…name the last time two over 40 good people got involved on this show period?  I know I’m drawing a blank.  And believe me if I had a cap of the make out it would be up here…but alas…all I found was the reveal.  So sad.

This slightly made up for having to celebrate yet another National Singles Awareness Day.  Just slightly.

Photos courtsey of Lisa W’s Soap Heaven

{December 16, 2009}   A moment of awesomeness

Today something happened on GH that made me smile. 

I know.  The confusion is totally understandable.

There are about two characters on this show right now that I will unabashedly proclaim awesome without the use of qualifications or air quotes.  Said characters are Mac Scorpio and Molly Lansing.  And as befits the truly awesome on this show, they are only trotted out to tease us with glimpses of how good we could have it.  And I have made no seceret of my love of the potential for Mac and Alexis as a couple, even though I fully admit Bob Guza will never in three million years do that pairing the justice and time it deserves for the simple reason that he sucks monkey socks.

Hey you have two pretty petty client after hours calls and see how elequent you are ok? 

So imagine my glee when this happened.

Awesomeness squared!

Plus Steven Lars putting St. Patrick of the Holy Hands in his place?  And playing darts?  And making probably the fugliest leather jacket this side of Lucky’s wretched bomber hoodie work? Ok maybe that’s crossing the line to fan girl crazy.

Sometimes all you can do is..well let Kurt show us.

Unabashed delight and giggles!

Photos courtsey of Lisa W’s Soap Heaven  except for dancing Kurt…he’s MINE!  Thanks to Leigh.

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