Sarcastic Clapping

{April 28, 2010}   So worth the wait!

Finally someone said it! Finally someone in this town has called Carly Corrinthos out on her parenting skills!  After years of seeing person after person in this town tell Carly that she is the best mother ever and how awesome she is as a mother someone finally spoke the plain truth.  She so totally sucks at this job. Yes I think she loves Michael and Morgan….but lets face it. Both those kids are screwed because of her. 

And our unlikely hero? Claire of all people. Yes Claire of the bizarre diction.  Claire who’s going to loose the case because Diane’s legal argument of “Claudia was a big meanie” is working!  Claire who spent half the trial trying to prove who shot Dante, not who whacked Claudia. That Claire was a-maz-ing today.

Claire: What I’ve done? What about what you’ve done?  Do you ever look in the mirror?  What kind of loving mother supports the bastard who got her son shot in the head?

The exact damn thing I’ve been wondering for months! And she didnt’ stop there.  Oh no, our fearless Claire was just getting started. 

Carly: You don’t know anythign about me or my kids (Ed- the hell she doesn’t. I think she has you pegged woman) You’re a self-serving bitch trying to use my kids to advance your career. That makes you pathetic Claire. Not to mention heartless.  (ED- Takes one to know one there)

Claire:  That’s just rich. Married to a mobster and you stay with him even though you know you are putting your kids in the middle of all this violence?  Sonny is a criminal and your kids are safer witout him around.  You should be thanking me.

Carly: When hell freezes over.

Claire:  You claim to be this protective and loving mother?  Well you put Sonny’s welfare above your kids any chance you get.  So what is it? What?  You got so lost and caught up in being his savior that you didn’t bother to consider the danger he poses to your kids?

Day-um. I am not used to that level of truthiness being leveled at one time.  Especially not by another woman and even more especially not to Carly.  It was electifying.  It was magnificent and she still wasnt’ done.  Clearly Carly didn’t have any frame of referrence for such a brilliant attack so she was left with this comeback after noticing the picture of a baby Claire had on her computer.  She said Claire didn’t have what it took to be a mother with a look on her face that I can only describe as “Smuggy Mc Smuggerson.”

But our girl Claire…she was not swayed by such a lowball obvious tactic.  She hit right back.

Claire:  If you we’re protecting you’re kids, you’d help me convict Sonny. I’ve done more to protect your kids than you ever have


Sometimes words…truly aren’t necessary.


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