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{October 26, 2009}   Dear Particular Jon fan I am agruing with…SHUT UP.

I will state right off the bat that I totally understand that Jonathan Jackson has fans who are waiting for his return tomorrow. 

HOWEVER…what I do not understand is why certain members of his fandom refuse to allow Greg Vaughan’s fans to be upset and angry about this.  Especially since the ones who are the most vocal in the “well he was going to be fired anyway” camp seem to be the ones who swore off the character when Jon left.

So it’s alright for YOU to swear off a show/character/pairing when the show recasts…but its not alright for ME to be just as upset as you were in 1999 when it was clear Jon WAS leaving and most likely the show WAS going to recast? 

For the record there is no mystery among ANY of Greg’s fans as to why he was fired.  NONE. We. Get. It. Understood crystal clear.  Stop trying to explain it to us like we are stupid. We are not.   And for the record….Greg was NEVER recurring so quit trying to trot that out there as justification.  There is no justification for douchebaggy lying and acting like we are all too stupid to see A- the real reason this happened and B- that we wouldnt’ be able to figure any of this out. 

Look I understand your feelings. I too deny Jacob Young was ever Lucky. I too cried for days when Jon left.  HOWEVER it doesnt mean that the character was dead for ten years just because YOU couldnt’ accept a new actor in the role.  Lucky has been on this show for a decade after Jon left.  A lot of the history of LL2…the stuff that shows the real “unbreakable bond” between them was done WITHOUT Jon.  He didn’t fight the brainwashing. He didn’t fight his way out of the coma. He wasn’t at the fairytale wedding.  There is a lot of history that clearly they will referrence (the whole Jason/Jake thing will clearly be brought up when he FINALLY finds out about Niz) and right now the show is promoting this as if Lucky was just out there wandering alone in the woods.

And finally…unless there is a writing team change don’t bet on long term change.  It’s not going to happen. Lucky will never be allowed to be the hero of the show so long as Jason and Sonny are on the show. Have any of you heard about Steve Burton or Maurice Bernard leaving? Cause I haven’t.   Will he initially get better writing? Absolutely.  I’m not stupid.  But will it continue? My butt.  Hello people odds are Lucky isn’t going to be on THAT much during sweeps as it is.  Jon has said in numerous interviews he filmed a few days and got time off to  move his family.  Look I agree he needs it….but isn’t it likely that Lucky will find out about Niz and then disappear?  And really how is that different than ANYTHING Greg was ever given? All Jon’s appearance will utlimately do is up the TIMELINE on certian storylines….that is all. 

Really you all…you see Jon rivaling JAMES FRANCO for airtime?  i don’t think so. GH is certainly trying to make it look like any ratings bump that will come can be attritbuted to Jonathan…but reality is GH ALWAYS gets a sweeps bump…and James Franco is going to get some more people tune in. I know of exactly no one who hadnt’ watched soaps before paying attention to this.  But they all know about James Franco. 

Bob Guza was never interested in writing for Lucky Spencer.  EVER.  His interest is the mob. And that is the ONLY way Lucky would get a massive increase in airtime.  Period.  And I am willing to bet that not one of you wants to see that.

Difficult Diva says:

Good for you. IMO, I think folks are pissed about how this entire situation came to be for the return of “their Lucky”. They wanted JJ back, but not in the shitty way that it happened AND they’re fearful that the writing is going to be the same crap that GV had to deal with during his tenure on the show. As I watched today’s episode, it’s evident that “their Lucky” will still be written as the doormat guy, who’s still p-whipped by his ex, who’s YET again, in lust/love with another man. Just this time, it happens to be his brother.

At least JJ’s got a paying job, GV’s working on a indie film and BOTH of those guys are being really classy about the situation. It’s GH, Frons and ABCD that are the tactless fools responsible for the bitter fallout.

Hillary says:

Completely unrelated, but Greg just tweeted that he got a role on 90210! Yay for him!

P.S.- Great post, as always. The writing is what’s wrong with Lucky, not the actor.

adampascalfan says:

I so just saw that ! HOORAY FOR HIM!

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