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{August 31, 2009}   The contractually obligated Emmy bitch post

Here it is…the contractually obligated soap blogger Emmy post.  (it is also in the soap blogger contract that you will never ever be happy and your favortive couple/character will be continually screwed over just so you have something to blog about. Trust me, it’s in the fine print.)

I have to admit that overall I am ok with the winners.  The Best Supporting Actor tie was unexpected and completely awesome. David Izzary’s reel was pure soapy goodness and Jeff Branson’s was hands down the best one of the group.  Overall my issues with Lulu are due more to the pet style writing Guza gives her (every action justified and every new character in her age range gets thrown right at her in a chem test) than Julie Marie Berman’s performance.  Although clearly whoever hates Lulu in the wardrobe department has it out for Julie in real life.  Julie…..when even the insane “chicken and the egg” guy from Project Runway would sit back and go “I think you went a little off the deep end”…its time to get a new stylist.  Just is. Although Bree Williamson had the best reel, Tamara Braun is equally good and I’m not upset at a gimme Emmy for trying to make Carly and the hideous Reese work on some level. 

And yes I did the dance of joy to the soap gods that I did NOT have to sit through an entire speech of Tony Geary trying not to gloat, dropping the name of Nathan Parsons and giving me new reason to hate the word “challenge”.  His reel was over-indulgent Emmy bait that failed and I’m glad it did.  Christian LeBlanc is hillarious and a great actor, and even though I was rooting so hard for Daniel Cosgrove and Peter Reckell I can make my peace with Christian.  (alright it doesn’t it hurt that he’s friends with Greg Vaugan and convinced Greg to start  a Twitter account which in turn led to Greg giving me the greatest mental images EVER in life!  Seriously Greg never ever stop tweeting aboout being in the shower. NEVER. I don’t care what the haters say. JUST ALWAYS DO IT)

And the internet love was great. 

I wish I could say the Best Writing Emmy for GH and Bob Guza’s skipping the ceremony surprised me but it didn’t. They submitted Michael’s shooting, which was clearly the Emmy bait push of the year.  And given the reaction to it, and the complete and total lack of consequences it inspired, I’m not shocked in the least that Bob skipped the ceremony.  From the reports over at Deep Soap and A Thousand Other Worlds, the press was grilling the writers, causing them to try to say that GH does show the consequences of violence, which no one bought and caused at least one vetern soap journalist to say something completely hillarious and unprintable.  There is no greater arguement for a revamping of the Emmy procedure than the words “Best Writing -General Hospital”. 

The less said about that fashion show the better. That was unnecessary and seriosusly they couldnt’ have cut that out in favor of an “In Memorium” segment?  It’s not like anyone HUGE in daytime died this year or anything.

The Guiding Light tribute…while I am happy they did recognize the show come on, was the broadcast timed by Brian Frons?  The tie for Best Supporting Actor was surprising…but you know what? CUT SOMETHING ELSE OUT.  The fans of GL and B&B deserved more than the three seconds they got.  Again the “fashion” tribute could have not been there all together and I’m sure that no one would mind in the least.

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