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{October 21, 2009}   Once again from the files of “ohh there’s a shocking low class move”

An open letter to the brain trust at GH –

Can I level with you all?

Are you on medication for insanity?  Are you part of a work release program ABC has set up with a nearby home for the mentall deranged?  Or do you think it’s good business sense to continually piss and insult your audience every single day they stick with you?

I know all of you were there when AMC decided in their brilliance to promote the return of Rebecca Budig while another actress was in the role and actually creating a following and excitement in a new pairing for Greenlee with the rightly bashed “Return of Real Greenlee” campaign.  I’m sure you remember the ads…the ohh so classy countdown running on the main page of ABC daytime’s website.  And I also know you and the entire soap opera community heard the loud outcry and rightful disdain about that campaign from not only the fans but the press.  It was digusting.  Tacky. And it was low class in a way even you hadn’t figured out how to scale. 

So why the hell are you doing the exact same thing?

“Elizabeth’s first love returns”?  Yeah he did…in 2000!  Remember that guy who showed up brainwashed by Helena?  THAT WAS LUCKY.   Remember Jacob Young was on your show? He won an Emmy and you all loudly shoved that in everyone’s face that it was the writing that made Lucky great…not the actor.  (Lord knows you brought it up enough when Greg Vaughan sat down for an interview or if he was within three feet of Jacob for an all ABC event.)  And look here…I hated Jacob Young in the role. At one point I was the co-owner of the Jacob Young Hateration website.   I set up entirely new email addresses so I could get pictures of Jacob from his fans for the sole purpose of bashing him and making rude fanart about his portrayal and the writing for the character. So for me to sit here and lecture you that yes in fact Lucky DID exist before next Tuesday, it must speak to the insane amount of evilness this promo is. 

Plus…see I don’t know if you are aware of this…but Lucky is STILL ON THE FREAKING SHOW.  He’s played by Greg Vaughan. I know he’s making your lives awful right now..what with booking film roles (negating your chance to claim he just couldn’t act) and like talkign to the press and fans about what backstage at GH is actually like.  You know the guy that inspired you all to clamp down on what your stars share on Twitter.  Cause you didn’t have a problem with it when we got intersted in the carn-evil…or when James Franco’s joining GH spread through Twitter like wildfire. It was only when Greg beat your announcement and pretty much prevented you from spinning his FIRING as his totally insane decision to leave while his wife is entering her third trimester with their second child…THEN you had an issue with it.  As a matter of fact…he is in the episodes you are running this promo during.


Are you now going to tell me I and the entire audience imagined Lucky and Liz’s fairytale wedding? That every time Lucky and Liz were torn apart (Dating BACK to 2000) just to be drawn back together as either friends, lovers, or parents  and thereby giving this couple a major history that is hard to rival in this day and age was nothing becuase ONE ACTOR WASN’T IN THE ROLE?  Do Cameron and Jake now no longer exist because Lucky’s awesomeness as a dad no longers counts? 

Look I’m not shocked you did it. In fact I predicted something like this about three seconds after I heard your announcement.  But for the life of me I do not understand why a show in a genre that desperately needs every viewer they can get delights in treating their viewers like morons who will just accept whatever it is that is told them.

Charity says:


Charity says:

The sad thing is I wanted a “Elizabeth’s first love returns” storyline for ages. What if Lucky’s been in captivity all these years? What if the Lucky on screen right now ISN’T Lucky and doesn’t even know it himself? It would’ve been awesome as it would include both incredibly talented actors in a truly soap-y storyline.

Instead, you give us a teaser for it KNOWING you’ve already cut Greg Vaughan, a move that would’nt have had to happen had you gone with said storyline. So it’s just insulting that you tease a little “her first love….blah blah blah” If you are going to tease that, then GIVE US THAT.

It is also insulting because we already know it can’t be true because A- we know GV has already been fired and B-GV’s Lucky had a confrontation with Helena on Friday/Monday about his kidnapping.

Instead, while Greg IS STILL AIRING you want us to believe her love is coming back? What? Was she in love with Jonathan Jackson this whole time and not Lucky? This promo doesn’t even make LOGICAL SENSE with your current storyline.

Which just leaves me with one question: Where do you get your X? Because you are clearly delusional.

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