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{August 3, 2009}   A convesation is too much too handle???

I loathe Nikolas Cassadine and have for years, so for me to even admit the Prince of Selfishness has a point is a huge thing.  But when he asked Lucky and Ethan about why the only thing they could agree on was beating up a guy who was playing pool with Lulu, even I couldn’t help but go “AMEN NIKOLAS! PREACH IT BROTHER!”

It’s no secret that I am one of the many many many fans who are more than a little bit annoyed at the whole Ethan is Luke’s son “twist.”  Or that my displeasure with this history-spitting middle finger to the fans is compounded by the fact Tony Geary is taking great pleasure to blame the fans for Ethan’s creation in the first place and acting like we are the ones who just don’t get it at all.  The fact that he’s spent all his time in the press basically going “neener neener I don’t care if the fans aren’t watching because I think its so awesome”  had made me contemplate buying a copy of The Disorderlies on DVD and mailing it to him with a note saying “Gosh, with such “challenging” work as this…I am so sorry we the fans have kept you down with our petty demands for a Luke that honors the history we saw unfold on screen. Our bad.  Why didn’t you win the Oscar with this again?”   The staff at my local independent bookstore was very concerned about me today.

So saying that I hate Ethan Lovett…who I “affectionately” call Teethan… akin to saying that Guza is just a teensy bit mysgonestic. 

And I’m not exactly disagreeing with the fact that Lucky would react badly to the news his baby sister (who he is more a father to than Luke anyway) is dating yet ANOTHER mob character.  I mean I don’t why he wouldn’t be all excited about that considering as far as he knows her last boyfriend killed her ex-boyfriend (also a mob stooge), kidnapped her at gun point out of the police station, took her on the run and when she came back she had to be institutionalized.  (Speakign of which…when will the show ever deal with the fact that Lulu never finished that therapy?)  Why gosh.. it’s a mystery isn’t it?  So I can see him doing the overprotective brother bit and trying to warn the guy off.

What I do NOT buy is Ethan being concerned about Lulu dating a mobster.  Since the second that greasy mumbler set foot in town, his entire background has been that he doesn’t care for laws and rules of order.  He’s dogged Lucky repeatedly for being a cop with Luke’ s encouragement.  He’s running a freaking con on Nikolas and the Qs as I type this.  He’s running the Haunted Star for Luke….and lets not forget the Haunted Star is the most frequent front for mob money laundering besides Sonnybucks in teh show’s history.  Why the hell would someone who is so “YEAH CRIME!” as Ethan give two flying farts that his sister would be interested in dating someone who worked for Sonny Corrinthos?    He should have been calling Lucky to rub it in Lucky’s face that he’s the only one in the family who doesnt’ think crime is awesome. In fact that would have been more par for the course.  He should have been the one to defend Lulu’s choice to date who she wants…not Rebecca.  Was Dante coming on too strong on Lulu? Yes.  And I am aware of the fact that Ethan was pushing buttons he knows will work with Lucky.  But what the heck was the ponit of this?  To show the audience that Lucky has come around to Ethan’s awesomeness?  And yes I am aware this is a ridiculously clumsy attempt to make lulu’s latest pairing mirror her parents with the opposition from everyone angle.  Got it.  Doesn’t mean the whole thing still isn’t a mess.

Lucky’s outright annoyance and hatred of Ethan was the only part of the story that made any sense to the viewers.  We were still working out the math when GH hit us with Lulu being all “Wow Ethan is awesome!”.  Lucky and Ethan were just sniping at each other during kareoke night.  I’m still trying to figure out how Ethan got Lucky’s phone number to begin with …much less why he feels to call it every time he’s at Jake’s.  Now one fight together and I’m just going to guess that suddenly all is good between Lucky and Ethan.  With the underlying message I’m sure being “Lucky’s ok with him now. So will you fans please stop your yitching and accept our decree that he is awesome?”

Why not have Ethan reluctantly admit that Lucky had a point about Luke leaving town the first chance he got?  Why not have someone (my vote has always been Elizabeth) to drop some knowledge on Ethan about exactly when Lucky’s relationship with Luke changed?  It’s not like it’s a big state secret or anything.  Or is that too much giving the fans credit for backing the history of the show and not drinking the kool aid. 

The last time GH went the long lost child route with Luke and Laura…Lucky and Nik hated each other for three years.  They were immediate rivals.  They were loathed to give the other credit for anything.  Lucky despised Nik for being the one to save Lulu. Nik dispised Lucky for being the son Laura stuck around to raise.  They fought…they went out of their way to hurt each other. But over time…they started to show cracks in the hatred.  Lucky was legitimately worried when Nik was innocent mob victim number 11511561185163151.   Nik realized that no matter what was going on between him and Lucky, Elizabeth’s ordeal was off limits.  When they did reluctantly worked together to help Emily, they didn’t trust each other but they did grudgingly thank each other for what they appreciated.  Lucky thanked Nik for not telling about Elizabeth’s rape.  Nik was impressed with Lucky’s computer skills.  By the time Nik was dealing with musical paternity round 2… it made sense why he ran to Lucky’s apartment.  They turned to each other to annoy their parents….but ended up being surprised that they genuinely liked each other.  And the audience bought it when they decided the Spencer-Cassadine war was between their fathers and not them.  Becuase it was organic, it grew over time…..and by the time it happened it was inevitable. 

It just made sense.

Of course….maybe if the character of Ethan had made sense from the beginning crafting a believable bonding storyline with Lucky might have been slightly easier to figure out.  Darn things like history, continuity and respect for the fans’ intelligence.  It must be so much easier to just tell us to be “Challenged” and shut up about it.

Charity says:

Did you really special order that DVD for Tony? Please, oh please, tell me you did! Also, amen and amen. Contrary to the belief of TPTB, we are not stupid–you can’t make us okay with Ethan just because you staged a positive interaction with Lucky. The end.

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