Sarcastic Clapping

{October 7, 2009}   That was…not at all interesting.

You know for a show that has been filled with whackadoo violence the past two days….and trust on this one…Johnny’s graduation to the lead actor ranks today with that ridiculous threatening of Claudia WILL be addressed….there’s something else that is completely bugging me.

So when we  last saw Luke Spencer…in between wishing for his death….we saw him get nabbed by one of Helena’s famous boy toys.  And now we discover that Helena…the fabulous wonderful evil unstoppable Helena was bested by this till now unknown Cassadine…with a really silly name.  Valentin? Really?  And all the guards are now under Valentin’s orders.  I’m assuming we’re supposed to beleive that he sent those text messages to Toothy and Lulu…..yet strangely not to Lucky.  Although trust me I am really glad he’s not involved in this hot mess.

Yet… break out Luke and Helena….they call…Nikolas?  Who what? Told the guards to let them go? 

All it took was a call to Nikolas to end this?

And I’m supposed to be scared of this new crazy Cassadine?  He can’t even inspire more fear than Puffy Nik!!!!! 

I’m scarier than Puffy Nik!

Shouldn’t the start of a great Spencer-Cassadine story actually I don’t know…be interesting?

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