Sarcastic Clapping

{March 29, 2010}   Bad Romance

There is a lot and I do mean a lot to complain about when it comes to GH.  The horrifically mysogenstic spoutings of Luke Spencer last week for example.  The disturbing view that violence against women is inherited.  The nugget that a man can know his children…expect if they are girls cause woo women are just insanely unfathomable.  The fact that when there is a battle scene between Duh Face and Smirk Face…we are all losers my friends.  Or the fact that a story about a teenage girl’s abuse at the hands of her boyfriend is more about her father and will it wreck his friendship with his rapist friend while her psudeo uncle wonders for the ninty milionth time if he’s going to kill an innocent person and does that make him a bad person.  Or the fact that with the amount of money this show blows on glassware for Sonny to break we probably could have kept a whole housefull of Quatermaines we know and love dearly. 

But I’m not going to talk about any of that right now.  Sure I will, we’ve got another week or two in this story before Guza tries to show us how women really are the root of all evil.  No this show has left a bad taste in my mouth due to one thing……..

Jucky. Has. To. Stop.  Immediately. 

I understand that a decade ago…Lucky and Jason were friendlish. I know Jason helped out when Lucky left home after learning about the rape of his mother by his father. Jason gave Lucky some jobs so he could earn money.  But things have kind of changed since then.  Little things really….things like…ohh I don’t know…..Jason sleeping with Lucky’s wife, getting her pregnant, helping conceal and lie about paternity of said child and basically fobbing off his parental duties on Lucky because God forbid that Jason ever try to change his life for someone. 

Maybe this is me just being an unfathomable girl but I would think such things would be considered dealbreakers when it comes to friendship. 

It would be one thing if this happened years ago….but it happened two years ago.  Jake is still a little boy.  It’s not like this occured when Lucky was thought to be dead and came back brainwashed.  Jake was conceived in 2007! And much of 2008 was Jason carrying on an emotional affair with Lucky’s wife all the freaking time.   The end of 2008 saw Jason’s rivals of the minute THE RUSSIANS kidnapping Jake becuase Jason and Elizabeth were morons who didn’t understand the concept of secret very well.   2009 saw Jason witnessing Niz making out and him not saying a darn thing about it to Lucky, despite discussing it with Sam. 

Yet every bleeding time Lucky sees Jason these days…he feels compelled to give him a rundown on his love life.  On Friday he opened up more to Jason about how he was feeling about the whole paternity shenangins with this current baby.  This is after he pretty much gave Luke the brush off on the same topic of conversation not that long ago.   LUKE!!! The very same Luke this show has bent over backwards trying to convince us in the last few months that Lucky is oh so close to again and that Lucky doesn’t shut Luke out anymore. It’s all behind them now.  Lucky confided his disappointment to Jason instead of Luke.

It’s ridiculous.  And completely out of character for Lucky to be so chummy with a guy who betrayed him repeatedly without a second thought.  He didn’t forgive Nik’s existance on the planet for roughly three years.  (I of course am still holding a grudge for that one)  When Lucky was growing up sure he hung out with Sonny and Jason…but a big part of the reason he went to them for help when he ran away after the rape reveal was he knew it would drive his parents nuts.  He first went to work with Helena to drive Luke nuts…then he joined up with Sonny and Jason to drive Laura nuts.  It was revenge.  And even then the boy scout Lucky only did legal jobs for them. 

Then Lucky was kidnapped, brainwashed and returned to town.  He didn’t exactly welcome Jason with open arms.  (And rightfully so because Jason was his main rival for Elizabeth at the time)  He continued to reject the mob affliated life his father had by becoming a photographer (so WTF….never understood that one) and then he became a cop….a natural choice for a person who was raised to see right and wrong and act immediately on that.  As Lucky said not that long ago….he sees his badge as a way to level out the playing field for those who can’t pay for justice like Sonny, Jason and his father can with dirty money.    THAT Lucky Spencer would not be taking investigationg cues from a mob hitman. 

Because that is exactly what he is doing. Pretty it up all you want with talk of “cops being allowed to seem comptent in PC” or “Lucky being smarter” or whatever excuse you want you use.  The bottom line is Lucky is investigating only what Jason wants him to investigate.  Jason wanted Lucky off of the investigation into Claudia’s murder…Lucky was able to plead COI due to his relationship with Carly and Michael to get pulled.  (Strangely being cousins is a  COI but half-brothers couldn’t get him out of investigating Nik or Ethan. Who knew?)  Jason wants to know what Johnnny is up to….so now Lucky does.   Jason thinks there is a problem with the timeline of Kristina’s story…so now Lucky is investigating his brother’s innocence.   (Although I personally think that might have more to do with the fact Jason doesn’t want to fight with Sam about this anymore) 

That is not being smarter…that’s being a mob lackey.  And that is NOT what Lucky Spencer is.

The last time Lucky was bretrayed…the show had purposefully written him into an isolated corner so the whole world would be convinced that Jason/Liz was the best match ever made.    It made some sort of sense he immediately latched onto Sam because there was literrally no one else he could talk to. He had figured out his siblings knew at least about the one night stand and said nothing to him.  His father was nowhere around. His oldest friend was dead.  His mother was comatose again.  But this time?  People know what happened and are on Lucky’s side.  They would be willing to listen to him.  His mother is back in his life.  He has a new partner in Dante. (where’s my departed Cruz?)  Luke is suddenly cool with him. He and Ethan are inexplicably friendly.  Lulu doesn’t treat him like gum on the bottom of her shoe anymore.  And yet the only person he feels he can talk to is the last person the love of his life betrayed him with?  That’s not a “Spencer edge”. That’s not being “smarter”. It’s being a bigger moron than words can adequately explain. 

Jucky must end. I dont’ care if Steve Burton and Jonathan Jackson have taken a blood brothers oath to only do scenes together. I don’t care if it’s a rider in thier contracts.  It must stop. It makes no sense and it it one of the biggest ways to destroy the character of Lucky Spencer.

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