Sarcastic Clapping

{August 10, 2009}   I know I’m ascribing logic to this…and that’s clearly a mistake….

It’s not an usual case for me to be confused by upcoming spoilers but normally said confusion is why I am supposed to cheer Jason or Sonny on when they do something henious and yet I’m supposed to condem other “bad mobsters” for doing the same thing.

But this one….I’m at a loss.

Warning spoiler related content ahead and if you are the rare soul who can guide the mindfield of soap-related webcontent without crossing into spoiler territory…well damn color me impressed since I’ve yet to be able to do that.

This week Nik finally finds out that Rebecca has been out to con him.  And allegedly this is supposed to be devistating. He’s going to lash out her…let her have it….give her hell for daring to cross the mighty Cassadines or something. He’s going to be heartbroken becuase he allegedly cares for her as Rebecca…just like she cares for him as Nik and not a mark. (Actually that part I have no trouble buying on Rebecca’s end)

What I am having trouble swallowing is the fact that Nik will find any of this devistating at all.  Since you know he basically hit on Elizabeth today.  Sober. In Kelly’s.  While once again dismissing Lucky as if he was no more than gum on his shoe. 

If he’s been thinking about Elizabeth since May as the show wants us to now beleive……why is he devistated at all?  I get him being upset with being stupid.  Makes sense. But heartbroken? Not.  oh I know…Tyler says give it three months and we’ll just LOVE this storyline…but that doesnt’ that ascribe to there being logical, organic, well written build up…and not a shoddily plotted, ridiculously obvious ret-conned plot point because the return of Natalia has failed bigger than the return of Sarah Joy Brown?

Also I’m still not seeing why I’m supposed to root for this.  Clearly I am…since they are putting Lucky in the “poor sucker who stands in teh way of other people’s happiness” role AGAIN.  But really?  But a brother..hitting on the love of his brother’s life…which he’s admitted….because..what they got drunk a few times together?  Look I know there are situations where you look over and suddenly go “hey…you’re kinda awesome.”  Where would the romantic comedy movie be without such moments?  But really…what’s the basis other than alcohol?  Liz and Nik have been friends for 12 years (and that line about how Nik watched her grow up…umm hello he said about the same thing to Emily.  Eww and gross).  Once you remove the Lucky situation……and eventually he has to be removed….what’s the story? We’ll be forced to hear about the danger of Helena…it will be Jiz ALL OVER AGAIN.  And wasnt’ hearing about danger and danger was bad like the most fun conversation ever? Dont’ you just sit around and wait for days and days for that to start again?  I know I did.

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