Sarcastic Clapping

{December 15, 2009}   And they didn’t immediately burst into flame because????

Oh holy hell….

There was a time when the sight of Jason, Sonny and Carly lecturing Michael about how using violence to solve problems wasn’t the answer made my head whip around so quick I had whiplash for a month at the sheer hypocirsy of the entire thing. 

Then today happened.  And I think you all know what I am referring to….

Now first off while I agree that Luke lecturing anyone on fidelity while Mumbles Mate Spencer is still on my screen is ludicrious.  But Nik has GOT to stop throwing stones from his glass house in HeadUpHisAssistand, Diklyvania.    This is his third relationship with a woman that was otherwise involved when he decided he had to be with her forever.   He’s giving the EXACT same speeches and justifications that he gave when anyone (generally Lucky) dared to question him about pursuing married Emily or maried Courtney.   He’s even blaming Lucky in the exact same manner as when he used to blame Zander and Jax for why he just HAD to be with the women they loved.  One time in this situation I might be a little forgiving…but three times? Dude you have a poaching habit and need to find a cure.

And then…then when Lucky breaks up the fight and rightly wonders why two allegedly grown men are acting worse than his six year old and two year old (And I think Jake and Cameron totally would rocked that tag team bout)  Nikolas let loose the little gem that Lucky needs to remember that he is Lucky’s brother and he loves him.

I don’t say this lightly but you are right Jason. This does call for the pounding of the head. 

Nik loves Lucky? Wasnt’ he just trying to figure out a way to get Lucky to fall for Rebecca, dump Elizabeth to be with Rebecca all so Nik could be with Elizabeth?  And who was so beaten up about his betrayal of his brother that he loves that he uttered the words “but just because he loves you doesn’t mean I don’t get to too!”  Um actually Prince Humperdick…THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT IT MEANS! 

Maybe I’m being too hard on Nik. He certainly beat a hasty retreat out of the Haunted Star after that. Although I suspect that is more to do with what I suspect is his master plan to have anyone else on the canvas tell Lucky the truth except him.  Nik certainly seems convinced that if someone else tells Lucky…Lucky will be just gosh golly gee willikers willing to let Nik have at it with Elizabeth.   I thought…ok…that’s it…the clear WTF moment of the day. 

And then Luke….wondered when exactly he became the last person Lucky trusted and the first one he doubted.

I know adorablely expressive Steven without your too cute glasses!  How can he not know????? It’s not like he wasn’t there the exact second it happened.  It’s not like he didn’t have a major part in that…what with confessing to raping his mother and all.  And it’s not like for the past decade we haven’t seen Luke do things like dump the raising of Lulu into Lucky’s lap and then screeches at him when the somewhat adult Lulu makes a decision Luke doesnt’ agree with .  (Remember the fun of Lulu dating a Baldwin was totally Lucky and Nik’s fault?)  It’s not like he’s done nothing but treat him like poo on his shoe ever since Lucky joined the police force…except for the times when it could get Luke or Lulu out of trouble…then Luke is all for it. It’s not like he openly treats Ethan better than him. It’s not like he effing laughed off Lucky’s kidnapping by Helena as a “creative prank”.  And really? He thinks that Lucky’s decsion to live his life on his own terms is an act of rebellion?  Luke…that was Lucky workign for Helena for all of a week.  Not this.  Get over yourself and give that high horse you are on an apple.  He needs the nourishment from hauling your overinflated ass around. 

Not that I’ve ever liked these two characters in years……or ever in Nik’s case…..but really are they trying to outdo Sonny and Jason in the most vile character department? Was the entire point of this storyline to make me stop hating on Jason and Sonny?  In that case well played GH….well played.

But if it’s not…well Luke and Nikolas…Satan called…you two are the new Princes of Soullessness.

Photos courtsey of Lisa W’s Soap Heaven

Leigh says:

Possibly dumb question, but what exactly is Nik punching in that picture? Is that supposed to be Luke? Is that just a bad screencap, or did Nik hit Luke so hard that he grew a mullet and someone else’s face?

And how fucktarded is it that Nik and Luke are now fighting over the golden boy’s honor when for the past some odd years they wouldn’t have even noticed had the dude walked in on fire, much less spit in his direction.

Love the Stephen screencap, though. Had my doubts about the casting, but if he’s making faces like that, he gets approval from me.

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